Pansir S1 the next STAR Wars?

Since when can this SAM shoot down ATGM? Where’s the documentation for it? How can we have balance when the Russians have the only SAM that has a range of over 11 miles?

Literally what every top tier sam was created to do. Well not every but most.

Pansir can’t track and shoot down scout drones for some reason


But it has the longest range…I cant fly over 30k with my F16C…We need ARM missiles for some balance.

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It’s truly over.

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Why the sarcasm? How is that balance?

Modern SAM systems can shoot down missiles and it is one of their primary objectives.
This is mainly the case for cruise missiles though, not sure if locks are supposed to work on ATGMs.

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American SAM systems can but show me where any other Nation has done it. On the battlefield. With their missile system not ours(ie the Israel Iron Dome which the US has supplied).

Surely you realize it is one of the main purposes of the Pantsir?

IRL, they have a problem intercept slow flying storm shadow lol
don’t need to say much how bad Russians stuff doing when you can see for yourself.

gaijin gib ARMs

How is dropping bombs from orbit balanced?