Pansarterrängbil 203A "PTGB 203A"

A Patria APC in Swedish service today equipped with:

  • 20mm Akan m/47D (turret recycled from the Retired "Pvb 302"s)
  • 6 smoke launchers in the hull
  • Same ammunition for the 20mm Akan m/47D

Todays models replace the 20mm Akan m/47D with a Ksp 88 (12.7mm FN M2HB-QCB)

First Equiped with an Akan m/47D cannon

(turret used from Pbv 302)


New models fitted with a ksp 88 chambered in 12.7 mm


New turret for Ksp 88


Official Swedish armed forces Website (2024-03-17)
Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (2024-03-17)
Ammunitionsregister för armén, 1960 (2024-03-17)
Swedish armed forces 22 Aug 2010 (2024-03-17)

So do you think this is enough for a suggestion? And would you want it?

  • I want it, make a suggestion!
  • I don’t want it.
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I like it, but it seems too modern to be at such a low BR.

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Problem with vehicles like this is its huge but 20mm apds is ginped in war thunder. So compare it to the type 87 rcv, 7.7 and its rough. At 8.0 it does better but thats because of more light tanks when fighting germany. If anything it would be relegated to being spaa for sweden as they have a gap between 2.3-8.7 lets be honest the current spaa past 2.3 are just TD’s, not enough ammo for aircraft, slow fire rate and turret traverse. Enough said on that. Regardless its be cool to see but it’ll probs be too high of a br if they place it at 7.x unless the round it gets is better than 60mm pen.

I mean, they could do what they did with the Pbv 302 BILL, just slap the already modelled BILL mount for the Pbv 302 20mm Akan m/47D turret on the PTGB 203A.

If it has that same awful turret traverse then no thanks but ill pass, id rather we get a light tank that can actually be used to somewhat defend itself or be good at killing planes considering this thing is gonna be the size of a house.

Well i fully agree that we should get the Tridon or Lvkv m/43 rather than the Lvkv 42… ew. Seriously why did gaijin pick the prototype with so little information than the in service Lvkv m/43 with lots of information. even living near arsenalen where the Lvkv 42 is stored its still a nightmare getting information about it from the Museum owner!

I mean its nice to get a prototype but id like to see the m/43 as maybe 4.7 or so but still doesnt fix the spaa gap thatbis need at 6.x-7.x