Pansarbil m/Gotland: "Grilljalken" (försöks-kp m/37)

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Pansarbil m/Gotland: “Grilljalken” (försöks-kp m/37)


Summarized background history:

The Pansarbil m/Gotland: “Grilljalken” or “Törngrenska” (Offical name: “Försöks-kp m/37”), with “21307” as it’s register number. In its own sense: The Pansarbil m/Gotland is a makeshift armoured Ford Truck with a Ford Flathead V8 engine (Likely based from the 1934 Ford Model BB truck as the site I am referencing, does not mention which specific ford truck model it was). The orgins of this vehicle’s creation, was the wishes from the high command stationed on Gotland. Which wanted to have armored vehicles stationed in Gotland. During the 1930’s, the realization of possibile attacks by airborne units becoming a more of a reality than fiction. The Swedish high command considered Gotland would very likely become targeted by paratroopers. By having armored vehicles at standby on the island in the event of such a attack occured. Would significantly improve a faster respond and contain such incursions from happening.

Due to this the current commander on Gotland, General Major Gösta Törngren. Ordered in 1937 to create a makeshift armored car which was supervised by the Captain of the I18 Regiment stationed on Gotland, along with couple of foremen responsible for the construction of the vehicle. During the time of the construction, they’ve managed to stumble across a large quantity of “infantry shields” from the first world war (In 1918/1919, Sweden ordered around 5000 infantry shields in the event of a war would occur on Swedish soil. However, as the war ended in Europe. The Shields was never put to use and were then placed in storage across the country). In a attic of a building in Kungsgården Roma, Roma (In Gotland). What they essentially did, they simply welded and bolted every single infantry shield they could find and placed it onto the 1934 Ford BB Truck. The now makeshift armored car was then completed in the same year and received its offical name: “Försöks-kp m/37”, however it also received it’s nickname’s: “Törngrenska” or “Grilljalk” with it’s register number: No.21307.

Infantry Shields used on the Truck:

The vehicle of choosing as mentioned prior was likely the 1934 Ford Model BB truck, which used the Ford Flathead V8 engine, which gave up to around 65-85 Horse Power with the max speed on around 75km/h (The makeshift armored car might be slower, due to the increased weight from the welded infantry shields mounted onto the truck). The armament which it received at first was a dual Kulspruta m/37, which was mounted at the back of the truck. However, it was later equipped with the 20mm AKAN m/40, likely to increase it’s overall firepower against infantry or light vehicles. However, due to the cannon was fixed onto a low mounted tripod. Which ment the cannon would have less effective means of engaging aircrafts at a higher vertical angle. But considering the main purpose of the “Grilljalken” were ment to engage ground targets than airial targets, this wasn’t regarded as a issue to the design.

The vehicle itself during it’s service time, did not suffer from any reliability issues from the additional weight of the cannon/infantry shields welded onto the truck. However the crew which manged “Grilljalken”, did mention the vehicle had a reduced mobility and passability in terrain. Reason being the metioned increased weight from the infantry shields welded onto the truck. As for the current status of this particular vehicle, it was probably scrapped by the end of world war 2.

Weapons mounted onto the vehicle:
20mm AKAN m/40
20mm AKAN m/40

Kulspruta m/37 (mounted prior to the 20mm AKAN m/40).


Pansarbil m/Gotland: “Grilljalken” (Försöks-kp m/37)
Weight: 5~8 tons
Armor: 7~10 mm Alloy Steel (IE. literal infantry shields from world war 1)
Engine: 65-85 Horse Powered Ford Flathead V8 Engine
Max Speed: 60~70 km/h
Armament: 20mm AKAN M/40 Anti-Aircraft Cannon (20x145R)
Rate of Fire: 360 Rounds per minute.
Ammunition Capacity: 36 Round Drum Fed Magazine, Total Ammunition count: 108~144 rounds (3-4 Magazines)

Pansarbil m/Gotland

Kulsprutegevär m/1937 - Armémuseum / DigitaltMuseum

Pansarbil m/31

Infanterisköld - Försvarsmuseum Boden / DigitaltMuseum


Looks like a cool event vehicle.

Didn’t know it mounted the 20 mm Akan. I think there’s a good chance we’ll see it in the game :)

This box will be an interesting addition, +1