Pandramodo's pillow in game please

please, Gaijin. I and many people will sure want this.


Never enough pillows. We gotta collect them all


Can people stop making personal posts that aren’t related to War Thunder. This isn’t a damn anime game…

Discuss your personal interests where it’s appropriate.


Many people want pillows, but this one isnt possible, you can buy a real pillow for 70€. If gaijin added the pillow, it might have been as a bonus (almost impossible, as previously only stickers were sent).

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I got “inappropriate” how can i re-write this? my eng not good for this. XD

If you edit the post in any way, it will remove the flag until it is flagged again, and then at that point a moderator will have a look and decide either to remove it or keep it.

I have a feeling that people have the right to suggest things here, even if it this sort of stuff. There was already a discussion about the questionable nature of it which was shut down and many of the messages deleted by the forum mods, so we just have to allow it without comment. Doubtful that anything would change anyhow.

A Mod was nice enough to move this topic to the appropriate section when it was brought up.

Ah i see

so. i used the wrong tag. i will remember that because they have so many tags.


Gaijin should just go full Sailor Moon…