Panavia Tornado (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

Its pretty much every radar missile, the more manoeuvrable the worse it gets. The only exceptions appears to be the sparrow E2 and the 27ER

If it’s possible, I might hope gajin implemented AIM-9L/i on Tornado IDS ASSTA 1 & Tornado IDS (1995) and increase at 11.7 BR in major update Alpha Strike”!

And not forgot implemented add new AIM-9 with IRCCM on Tornado F3 for UK tech tree at the same time

9Ms for the Tornado Gr1 too…

I think best to wait till after June though for the CM changes

So gajin implemented in Q2

In June update we are getting split CMs, which means we could get our 1200 missing chaff. If we do, alongside other outstanding buffs, like BOL, Radar, CBUs, FM, etc. Then we might end up at 11.7 anyway. IRCCM missiles would then be needed.

I hope they don’t, Tornado is bad enough as it is. I would prefer if they introduced a new version of the Tornado for Germany, like the IDS SLE which is already long overdue:

Like the Tornado IDS and F-16A came at the same time, but we are still stuck with the basic crap Tornado while the F-16C came out like three patches ago…

Radar changes look interesting. Don’t fully understand them, but I think it should be a good buff for the F3

So the javelin has gotten a nice FM buff, will the tornado also get some love this patch ??

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Hol on, your telling me a British jet got a fm buff? Your mad.

Jav of all planes as well

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Tbf it may be fun now as before it was just pain as it dumped speed while turning worse than most things it faces and had as much thrust as a leaf blower.

Mosquittos too. I know. I thought these things only happened in our wildest fantasies


I know this ain’t about the tornado but I may cry, the mosquitoes are getting attention. I just beg they add the night fighter or bomber vareints. I would sell my leg kidney for a chance to fly such beauty’s. Especially with the new fuel sliders which may allow the 57mm mosquito to actually fly.

Im thinking June with the Split BRs, impossible to balance them currently. They’d need like BR2-3 in air (no guns) but more like BR5 for ground (4k Cookies)

But yeah, lets keep it on topic. Fingers crossed. Tornado FM at some point. Im thinking maybe June because it might be paired with the CM overhaul which should also give us the 1200 chaff. THey do seem to like grouping things together (Sea Harrier cockpit and radar in the same update)

The buff to the countermeasures for the gr 1 would be a hug buff as it would actually allow u to use all 54 flares without having to hug the deck. Although I can’t see a reason to go higher than the deck in the gr 1 if it’s going to stay at 11.3 br…. I hope they actually move it down for air as it really can’t compete with everything else. 11.0 along with the premium German one would be perfect.

Im absolutely expecting it to be 11.0 in air, the only difference really is the T-Pod and GBUs and they dont really have any use in ARB.

We might also finally get our missing 2x BOLs, though they are semi worthless in their current state. But still, more flares cant hurt

I dunno the javelin and mossie changes are completely out of the blue so idk…I have hope, and I’m also prepared for that hope to be crushed.


The Hindenberger tanks that were in the files got textures on the Dev Server, so hopefully they will be implemented in Alpha Strike


Hell yeah, always thought the tornado looked better with them

AI.24 Foxhunter Stage 2G, AI.Mk 24 Foxhunter Type W, AI.Mk 24 Foxhunter Type Z :

Show Missile Dgft Launch Zone line added

Pulse changed to LPRF

PD changed to HPRF

Designation Lock changed to BVR Lock


hmm… why foxhunter have LPRF ?