Pakistan + Bangladesh Joint Tech Tree

also fair… but you forget that there is no such thing as the B57F. there was only the RB57F and for the sake of naming conventions i shortened the name to B57F which was operated by pak.

the mig 19PT can but not the S variant eg in the german TT. pak modified theirs.

actually the only thing it didnt have is the in-nose gun.


uhm… V,VI, VII,VIII?
you missed those

if they add it asa a subtree, they can get into that market, and people dont have to play a subpar incomplete nation. Its a win win

he died?

🤣 haha no but hes not on the new forums

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so yeah i pushed the suggestion forward for the Detailed Airforce TT of Pakistan plus bangladesh. lets hope it gets accepted.
ive got some really nice combinations of east and west and ‘middle’ aircraft.

Did it got approved?

nah its still pending. ill just send the TT images here

I think you should change F-7 BGI’s BR. It should be at least 11.7. 4 PL-9Cs are going to be too OP for 10.7. Also F-7 BG should be at least 11.3.It also gets 2 PL-9C or 4 PL-5EII

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K-8W can be added for Bangladesh since Pakistan uses a different variant. Also you can add PT-6 and An-32 in it. An-32 is modified to carry bombs on external pylons. You can also add Saiful Azam’s F86 as a premium jet

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I actually underteired both nations f-7s so that the br spread could be more justified. As with under teiring the armament shall have to be adjusted but thats not a bad idea to include the later missile as early and late variants of the jets

Ill get the info about that and put it in

Is the An32 in bangladeshi service a An-32RE or a An-32 b-100?

Also about saiful azam… we could add his hawker hunter as a premium since he flew that while in the 67 arab-israeli war.
(Since we have 3 f-86 in the tree already)

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not sure. It is written as An-32B in most documents

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Our indigenous aircraft is supposed to fly soon. It can be added in the tech tree.

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i was worried about the BAF, seems you guys had one up the sleeve…
cant wait for its reveal
what is its name?

Idk I dont have high hopes for it.It would be a disappointment as usual. Airforce didn’t reveal much details about it.They said it’s going to be a light attack aircraft.Many are speculating it’s going to be based on JL-9 or FTC-2000.
My guess is that it will be revealed on 16th December. But I’m sure they will reveal it within this year.

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is it to do with this excerpt i found on a defense website?:


BAF is looking for a newly built fighter powered by two engines with at least 5,500 kg of dry thrust and over 8,000 kg with afterburner each and with at least eight weapon attachment points and a minimum payload of 5,000 kg.

The government demands that the fighter be equipped with an electronically-scanned radar array with an air-to-air range of 150 km and an air-to-surface range of 50 km. The aircraft will also have to include an Integrated Electronic Warfare (EW) and Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) suite; Infrared Search and Track (IRST) system with a target tracking range of at least 50 km; helmet mounted display and viewfinder system (HMD/S) with cueing; head-up display (HUD) and modern glass cockpit.

BAF is looking for a complete package that includes aircraft, maintenance and training, and a range of air-to-air and air-to-surface weapons. It must also provide for the opening of a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility in the country.

Air forces TT has been updated

Those are actually the requirements for our MRCA(Multi Role Combat Aircraft) Program. Euro Fighter and Rafale are currently considered for it.

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