Pakistan + Bangladesh Joint Tech Tree

my bad lol, ill fix it

Also HHQ-7 is Naval SAM

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You can group this one with the Type 62 SPAA. Idk if it’s worth adding as a separate vehicle. This one has a bit taller turret. This was the final turret of this tank.

i’ll be honest, i would add all non copy paste stuff to the chinese tt since they already have a few pakistani and bangladesh vehicles
nice proposal tho


This one had a different name i suppose…

No, this is just the final state of Type 62 Spaa. Type 62 Spaa isn’t even the real name. Real name is unknown. It looks like a Spaa so I called it Type 62 Spaa.

AH-64E/Mi 28NE for Bangladesh

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i meant the HHQ-7 😅
tho i renamed it to HQ-7
the images are a bit wonky so ill update them later

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I have already said in my post that its better to add india in russia as we hv mostly russian vehicles and pakistan and bangladesh can go in china as they hv chinese vehicles.
This option is better as it is not politically biased. Plus india and pakistan in british tech tree pisses me off considering our history with them.


I’m not against this idea at all, I can easily see this tech tree being larger than both the Swedish and Israeli tech trees if other countries are allowed to be put inside.

Include some Turkish or Iranian vehicles and you have a solid TT +1

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i appreciate the encouraging words. although turkey and iran do deserve their own TT (iirc they do have a number of vehicles enough for a TT. if not then some mix and match can work lol)

If their tanks dont start at some low br then they will end as a sub tree

understandable tbh

The future of War Thunder is copy and paste, and copy and paste only. The major nations of the world (China, Russia and USA) have influence over the world and especially tank production. New tech trees which we will inevitably see will 100% contain copy and paste vehicles and that’s something we can’t change.

Sure, some have less copy and paste like Korea but I’d prefer a counterpart to Israel like Pakistan, Persia or Arabia (just like how the USSR is a counter to the US).

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Both Iran and Türkiye have excellent vehicles and some quirky ones as well but I don’t think they have enough alone like Pakistan or India to be a independent tech tree.

I thought it would make sense to put a Islamic nations vehicle inside another Islamic nation (aka Pakistan)

But Iran maybe idk

i think turkey + syria + lebanon + jordan would make a good TT
afaik they have somewhat good relations as well as military cooperation of some sort (at least some governments did)

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Asking for Indian vehicles to be incorporated into the USSR tree is like spoonfeeding a fat kid, it is by no means necessary or healthy.


Then remove israel
Also are u calling ussr a fat kid?

USSR and USA dont need any sub tree. Yes vehicles from other countries can be added into it but not as a subtree.