Pages of History (April): For Zoya

I see someone here doesn’t like different opinions…

Flagged nearly everyone in this thread that wasn’t head over heals for this.


Huh? What do you mean?

I have not been flagged in this thread. The posts that were flagged were benign. Nothing crazy or crude. The first one to get flagged just highlighted a disconnect between the community and Gaijin.


Agreed - the only reason they got flagged was because a certain person thinks he can play forum Gestapo. Just pathetic - especially as this coward is unable to express and defend his own view on things.


Nah the very first post was entirely innocent.

Unfortunately my friend.

Fun fact:
The Fw 190 D-13 in game even has the serial number and camo for the plane flown by Major Franz Götz (63 aerial victories).
Why can we not even have those planes with their proper markings (no not the swastika) and descriptions?
There are so many allied “ace” planes

Whatever you say my man.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

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Are you the one flagging everything?

can we get monthly decals back? I spend hours on vehicle customization and some new decals would be great


Dude - are you aware of that you try to fulfil a role here nobody asked you to do? If gaijin has a problem with certain contents - it is their job to enforce rules, and not yours.

I mean you play between 3-5 matches a week - so i would claim that your passion level for wt is way below the average guy active here in the forum.

Imho you might think about aligning the number of your posts with your in-game activity and try to stop playing forum police - flagging of stuff and claiming “against the rules” is just annoying as hell.

Have in mind that a forum is meant to discuss topics within a group of common interests and mainly to help and support others. Your activity in this thread proves that you neither contribute to a discussion, nor that you are willing to help or support…


It seems this thread serves as living proof that the migration of the forum did not come without sacrifices. The old forum and rules weren´t without flaws either but what good is a forum that aspires to improve on discussions with emphasis on behaving civil and agreeable when theres also direct encouragement to just flag anything you see without consequence?

It´s an invitation to abuse which may lead a forum that lives from a discussion culture into absurdity as what kind of discussions can develop when a few salty people, unable to take a different view on things, are already enough to permanently hide posts from sight?

An enormeous part of this thread is still permanently hidden after what appears a flagging-crusade of a minority and unfortunately it doesnt appear like any moderator has taken action yet even after such a long time. What purpose does a forum hold if I´m unable to disagree with others and threads can be stopped dead in their tracks?


I don´t have an issue with moderation but with the abuse of the flagging system.

In this thread an enormeous amount of posts got repeatedly flagged and are still hidden because what seems like a few people merely didnt liked when their own opinion gets challenged by someone with a different view on things. Any accusation of them “breaking the rules” appears like a pretextual argument as we already settled that many posts didn´t break any rules but were flagged anyway. Like the first reply which took a jab at a lack of communication between the community managers and you claimed to have flagged it for being “political”.

Possibly its even just one person with multiple accounts as otherwise I cannot explain how a post that got updated gets immediately hidden through flaggin again after a mere hour. Which only shows how easy this system can be abused.

Feel free to tell me where that was the case.

Well it is being abused. A lot.

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To be fair I had my issues with how even constructive critique was handled already in the old forums. After the review bombing, when Gaijin promised to improve on things I had hope it would also include their concept of forum moderation one day which certainly has room for improvement. Claiming that the flag system can´t be abused is basically an out of season april fools joke.