Packet Loss and random control inputs straight into the ground

I’ve been seeing a LOT of packet loss the last few days - pretty much every match there is at least 10% for brief periods. Incidentally this seems to correspond to high numbers of players, but I’m not sure I want to get into if it’s my ISPs fault or Gaijin’s or whatever. FWIW, I’m on a wired connection, have consistently low ping (my router says avg 20 ms max 43 ms during the period of the match in question)

In this match I just played it was fine until the end, when it went to 25% to 40% very quickly right around the 9:40 mark. I’ve seen this level of packet loss every match I’ve played today.

My question is this: Why is that when I have packet loss, I get random control inputs? I could completely understand that the plane continues to fly in the direction it was going but this is quite different - it basically gives you full rudder or aileron or whatever with no input from the mouse at all. In that replay you can see me trying to fight it and keep from crashing but to no avail. I can’t count the number of planes I lose because of this.

Wouldn’t it make more sense on loss of connection to NOT do this?

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{chirp} {chirp}

This still happens. And interestingly, random control inputs happen, occasionally, even when there is no packet loss visible and ping times are < 100ms

What do I need to do to at least get, uh, input on this? Make a suggestion to the devs?