Pack bought for my account but its created a new one to add it to despite the accounts supposedly being linked together?

I have bought the USS Des Moines pack on steam to use on my account however when i went to find it it was nowhere to be seen, so i had logged out of war thunder on my PC and went to log back in and i clicked Steam log in assuming that would log me back into the same account however when i had done so it had created a new account and added my pack to there, i dont know why it has done so and was wondering if anyone has had this happen before and if its at all refundable, i do not want to use an alternate account as that defeats the whole purpose of me buying the pack in the first place have i been screwed over or is this a mistake on my behalf? i am so lost

contact the support -

just don’t get impatient as the support may have much to do due the sale (i assume) - they will solve it…

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Sorry to bother you, i have the same issue, were you able to resolve it?

Like advised above, create a request in support and they will sort it out.

absolutely forgot i made this post, yes my issue was thankfully resolved when getting in contact with gaijin customer support and was refunded the amount spent, very helpful team the issue was resolved pretty much the same day i got in contact with them Gracias Gaijin