Pacific Hidden Base map broken

I played some games on Pacific Hidden base recently and I noticed four glaring problems. These can easily be spotted by loading a custom battle and observing the behavior of AIs and the UI.

  1. The tactical map has been resized so it’s no longer useful as navigation. One airfield is displayed as in the water while several destroyers are within the area of the cap.
    shot 2023.08.08 20.04.40

  2. None of the naval units open fire, on each other or on enemy aircraft, even when they are under fire.

  3. The landing craft will sometimes inexplicably detonate despite not taking any damage. This happens even without player interaction. If there are AI units firing on them, then the shots are invisible.

  4. The landing craft refuse to close on the beach to deposit their ground vehicles. This results in the tanks spawning underwater. Some of the tanks appear to have a counter-glitch that prevents them from drowning. However, some inevitably drown and the others are immune to damage because of the water.

There are similar problems on the African Island, Crater map, where the tactical map is resized incorrectly, the naval units do not fire, but it is the destroyers that randomly explode.