P71 the new Maltese Flagship

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75-meter Offshore Patrol Vessel delivered to the AFM β€” Horizon
Description:Here to You the biggest ship that the Maltese Navy ever operated, the P71. Back in 2015, the Maltese government was looking for a new ship to expand the number of patrol ships in the Maltese navy (at that time made only by the P61, an ex-Italian Saettia MK3, and some other minor vessels) and to provide a higher level of safety in the Maltese waters. The Maltese government placed a total of over 40 million dollars for the new ship and sent some envoys to visit a various number of shipbuilding companies in all of Europe to see what they were able to offer. The Cantieri Navali Vittoria, an Italian shipbuilding company, won the competition, and on January 16, 2019, the contract was signed. The boat was intended to launch in 2019 and be delivered in 2020, but due to some issues, the launch happened on February 27, 2021, and in 2022, there were a high number of trials. The ship entered Malta for the first time on November 8, 2022. She was delivered and entered service in January 2023. Talking about the ship itself,it has a total of 70 men (50 stationary and 20 optional), two WARTSILA 16 V 26 engines with 544 kw each that provide this ship with a total speed of 21 knots,very modern radar and systems, and a total displacement of 1800 tons. For armaments, she is armed with an OTO-Oerlikon 25 mm cannon,one 12.7 mm machinegun, and two 7.7 mm machineguns. She is also able to carry AW139 helicopters or Aloutte III.


Leght Overall: 74.8m

Width Overall:13.0m

Maximum Draft: 3.7m

Displacement: 1800 tons

Full Displacement: 2200 tons

Crew: 50 + 20 special forces

Full Speed:21 knots

Main Engines:2 x 5440kw WARTSILA 16V 26

Propulsion:2 xVariable Pitch Propeller


1x 25 mm OTO-Oerlikon cannon

12.7 mm Machineguns

7.7 mm Machineguns


AW 139

Aloutte III



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75-meter Offshore Patrol Vessel delivered to the AFM β€” Horizon

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Marina Militare Maltese - Costruzione nuovo Offshore Patrol Vessel P-71 β€” TimeLapseLab


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Malta inaugura la P71: la nuova ammiraglia da 75 metri Γ¨ il piΓΉ grande investimento delle Forze Armate | Corriere di Malta






Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) OPV P71 β€” Horizon

Preliminary Trials of OPV P71 - YouTube

Andrea Fanciulli - Ravenna, Emilia Romagna, Italia | Profilo professionale | LinkedIn

Helicopters that the ship can carry



File:Armed Forces of Malta Air Wing Aerospatiale SA-316B Alouette III Zammit-2.jpg - Wikipedia

AS1428 - Malta - Armed Forces Agusta Westland AW139 at Off Airport - Malta | Photo ID 784908 | Airplane-Pictures.net

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+1 great add for italy

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+1, would be a great addition for Italy, as well as some Maltese representation in game

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