P-51H has to go to 7.0

It’s the indisputable best piston engine fighter, vastly superior to everything else the game has to offer between rank 4 and rank 5 5.3-7.3, and it sits at 6.3 because it’s got low caliber guns which doesn’t matter whatsoever since 50 cals are stronger than many 30mm HEI guns in game. It turns well, it accelerates well, it climbs like a spitfire lf mk9 and clocks 780 in a straight line, speed it takes little to no time to reach. I just can’t FATHOM how some stuff so DOG CRAP share it’s br. if the Spitfire mk24 can do good at 7.0, so can the p51h with overall better stats.


Spitfire fires 20mm guns.
So I say 6.7 for the P51H, but yeah it’s strong.


hispanos currently are weak as hell. And it is funny that 50 cal m2 tracers hit like mk103s but the stealth belts being AP-I (non T) are as bad as hispanos if not worse.

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If you’re using stealth you get 2/3 HEI which hit as hard as any other 20mm HE round.

It’s pretty much the only reason why Hispanos are worse then others because ShVAKs and Type 99 get 100% HE-T belts.

With the Hispano it cuts down the “effective” RoF from 600 to 300 to 400 depending on the belt because anyhting that isn’t explosive is simply not worth using. Compared to to a ShVAK with 720-800 RPM and the Type 99-2 with ~500.

Imagine German fighters had to stick to historical 1:1:1 mix of Mineshell, Incendiary and API, making 2/3 of the belt worthless because the developer think that 20mm rounds need to blow off winga and tails to bring down a plane.

It’s because the M23 has no penetration power.
It has the highest fire chance of any .50cal bullet but is mostly pointles since it will simply vanish on impact without reaching fuel tanks compared to API and API-T that will penetrate the entire airframe while also dealing much more damage to engine and pilot.
The fire chance is also questionable since the bullet “explodes” on impact, at which point the fragments probably have different incendiary properties.

An M8 API contains ~1g incendiary compound, M20 API-T 1.16g, compared to the M23 bullet with 5.8g but which doesn’t mean anything in the game.

So using Stealth belt over Tracers for .50cal removes 50% of the AP power without any real increase in incendiary performance.


Excuse me, what?

The idea is to advocate for BR decompression, not BR compression. We don’t need anymore props fighting up to 1950’s jets - We need all props pulled away from that.


lol. Do you even know what you are talking about?

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7.0 might be a bit much (for any prop), but it could easily be 6.7.

It’s performance is incredibly good for 6.3, and has very good matchmaking in air rb at that br.


Never had a 50cal snap off a wing like a 30mm can. I genuinely don’t believe he does.

I’d bet money he’s salty from trying to turnfight it in a 262 or Meteor and losing every time.

Cute flag. Stay salty.


These props fought these jets IRL.
He’s not advocating for BR compression at all.
There is no BR compression at 7.0 BR anyway.
It starts at 8.7 and ends at 10.3.

262 gets out-energied by P51H5NA by far as well.


Only question is- Genuinely what can a Kikka do against a P-51H?

Can’t really outrun, can’t out-turn, can’t out-energy… And yet, Kikka sits at 7.0 while P-51H is 6.3 lol

i use stealth and they do nothing, both mkv and mk2.

i am the p51h player that stays untouchable til i lose awareness.

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I don’t mind where it is so long as it’s not higher than 7.0, and at least the same br as the Spitfire MK.24.


They hit like every 20mm cannon.



I used a Spit Mk IX LF in ground RB and shot off the wings several German fighters.
In one instance I was squeezing the trigger once, firing only two rounds, and didn’t actually expect to hit, yet the Fw 190s wing blew off a second later.

So the solution here is to move the P-51H to the point that it fights Jets that it has completely no real chance against? It’s one thing if a WW2 Superprop is fighting WW2 jets, another when it’s fighting against Jets with an extra 100mph+ of speed.

That’s an interesting take.


… Huh? I never had too much hassle with Mustangs in the Kikka. I don’t think you’re being honest here about the Kikkas’ shortcomings.

I’d say I’d spend some time again in the Kikka and get back to you but honestly I’m too busy enjoying Dragon’s Dogma 2.

If you got short replays to share I’ll entertain those, at least.

A P-51H is more than a match for early jets.

It can make a really cool fireball when it dies!


Boom and zoom.
P51 has general speed and dogfight, Kikka has max speed.

Kikka is one of the fastest accelerating 7.0 jets, if not the fastest.

I once tested my Kikka against a buddy’s Spitfire Mk.24 and on minimum fuel the Kikka reached 5000 meters faster, with the clock starting from the moment the planes started moving on the runway.

It is far faster than the P-51H (both straight line speed and dive speed) and unlike the other early jets it doesn’t lack in acceleration, specially not since it has the rocket boosters for take off to get it up to speed.