P-51D-20-NA help please

I am really struggling with this plane to the point i actually asked gaijin to take it back. I side climb to 5k or i am higher than the enemy useing MEC (perm WEP). I keeps my speed up trying to strafe at 500 kph, I just cant keep my guns on target, even a dead plane can kill me in a head on. Am i going to fast? is it because im playing on xbox and using a controler? Do i need to roll more? How much should i use flaps? Im really tryng with this plane hoping i can get to grips with it but its just not happening and its getting embarrassing.

Have you played the other P-51s?

First of all, these tips are relevant for AirRB

I don’t have the D-20 but i have played the D-5 which is practically identical (minor differences but overall negligible).

Before anything, part of the issue i likely to be that you’re on console and flying and aiming with mouse and keyboard is just much easier. (sadly, for controlled users)

the Mustang does also have the slight issue of a “bad rudder” at high speed; it can be compensated for with a bit of roll, but sometimes it’s better to brake off and re-engage.

Tip i can give you are:

  • side climb (a bit extensively) at around 275 - 280 kph IAS;
  • pay attention to the enemy team and wait for them and your main team to “clash” and very often dive and at that point you now have the position and can start boom and zooming;
  • you can energy fight with Mustang, but you do it with speed rather than sheer climbrate, for which you can use dives to either equalize or pick up more energy when you don’t have an advantage on people;
  • flaps are only really useful in rate fights (mostly just combat flaps to turn a little tighter, but not much more, take-off and landing flaps in these situations are only useful for stall shots or to keep the stall just a bit longer in order to gain position over and enemy) and when doing energy traps at the top of loops.
  • don’t bother with people that are above you; depending on the situation you can try to equalize the energy if they go for you or go for those that you already have an advantage on and let your team deal with them, tho always keep an eye on them. Still, if you side climb correctly you shouldn’t have that many people above you if any.
  • avoid full commit head-on at all costs, only take them when it’s the enemy pushing for them and you don’t have the position nor the energy to do otherwise. Even then, try to survive the head-on by rolling out of the way. Usually, spray a bit, roll out of the way and see what they do.

P.S. just to make sure: avoid turn fights and also, don’t carry any ordnance.

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Thanks for your help. I do believe the problem lies with the instructor and the bad rudder. Its the same with flying the swift f7.

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Regrettably not all of them. I am working on it right now

I have figured out its not a plane you should be aggressive with, more of a stalker hunter, many want to chase you, or even an assassin

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