P-51B-5-NA with BR 3.7

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History of the P51B-5-NA w/ Malcolm Hood

The “Malcolm Hood” was the RAF & USAAF’s answer for the early P51’s poor visibility & cramped “Birdcage” canopy, it was also hinged & not on rails like later P51-D/K/H models with the Teardrop canopy.

Manufactured by the British R Malcolm & Co, the canopy was made out of a frameless plexiglass & was on rails to easily be slid back without the hassle.

These bubble canopy’s were used on RAF Spitfires & had pretty much the similar specs of that to the Mustang, so orders were put in so they can be fitted to these P51’s at the time which dubbed it the “Malcolm Hood”. it had the best visibility to offer for looking around, & was quite spacious for the Pilot.

With the Production of the B Model Mustang, the Allison Engines were replaced & upgraded with Packard Merlin Engines.

External fuel tanks were also added so they can stay in the air longer for Escorts & Patrols

Basic Data (Full list will be at the end)

Model: P51B-5-NA

Built at North American’s Inglewood, California Plant

Production: 250

Length: 32.25

Height: 13.67

Wingspan: 37.04

Weight: Empty - 6,985

Weight: Normal - 9,800

Weight: Max - 11,800

Engine: Packard/Rolls Royce V-1650, -3 Block or -7 Block.

Horsepower: 1,490

War Emergency Power: 1,720

Propeller: Hamilton Standard 11’2" 4-blade

Cruise Speed: 362 mph

Max Speed: 439 mph

Service Ceiling: 41,900

Fuel Capacity: 269 w.o/ Drop Tanks

Fuel Capacity: 419 w/ Drop Tanks

Range: 1,900 w/Drop Tanks

Combat Range: 1180 w.o/ Drop Tanks

Main Armament: 4x AN/M2 50 Cal, 1260 rounds total

Suspended Armament: 100lb, 250lb, 500lb, 1,000 lb Bombs & M8 Rockets.

Here are Profiles & Blueprints

Lt. Robert V Blizzard



504th Fighter Squadron, 339th Fighter Group


Capt. James H. Howard

“Ding Hao!”


356th Fighter Squadron, 354th Fighter Group


Maj. Richard E. Peterson

“Hurry Home Honey”


364th Fighter Squadron, 357th Fighter Group


Capt. Howard D. Hiveley

“The Deacon”


334th Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Group


P51B with M10 unguided rocket pods.


P51B Schematic Drawings



Full Data List

Fuel and Oil Data:

Internal Fuel Capacity: 180 gallons

Fuel Weight: 1080 lbs

Fuel: 100 Octane

Oil Capacity: 13 gallons

Oil Weight: 100 lbs

Engine Data:

Manufacturer: Packard

Designation: V-1650-3

Engine Count: 1

Number of Cylinders: 12

Configuration: Double-row V inline, Water cooled

Supercharger: Two stage, Two speed

Power Data:

Takeoff Power: 1400 HP @ 3000 RPM & 61” Hg @ SL

War Emergency Power (Low Blower): 1630 HP @ 3000 RPM & 67” Hg

War Emergency Power (High Blower): 1410 HP @ 3000 RPM & 67” Hg

Military Power (Low Blower): 1525 HP @ 3000 RPM & 61” Hg

Military Power (High Blower): 1300 HP @ 3000 RPM & 61” Hg

Max Continuous Power (Low Blower): 1145 HP @ 2700 RPM & 46” Hg

Max Continuous Power (High Blower): 970 HP @ 2700 RPM & 46” Hg

Max Cruise Power: 860 HP @ 2320 RPM & 38” Hg

Propellor Data:

Manufacturer: Hamilton Standard

Blade Count: 4

Blade Diameter: 11 ft

Dimensional Data:

Length: 32 ft, 3 in

Height: 8 ft, 8 in

Wing Span: 37 ft, 0.75 in

Wing Area: 233 sq. ft

Wing Loading (Gross Weight, full internal fuel): 39.91 lbs/sq. Ft

Weight Data:

Empty Weight: 7200 lbs

Basic Weight: 7500 lbs

Gross Weight: 9300 lbs

Maximum Weight: 11300 lbs

General Performance Data:

Max Speed (clean condition): 441 mph (709.7 kph)

Power-off, flaps-up, gear up Stall Speed (gross weight): 105 mph (168.98 kph)

Power-off, flaps-down, gear down Stall Speed (gross weight): 85 mph (136.79 kph)

Takeoff Distance (clean condition): 1100 ft

Service Ceiling: 42000 ft

Maximum Speeds (clean condition, coolant/oil flaps in various positions dependent on altitude):

At 5000 ft (60.5” Hg): 363 mph (584.19 kph)

At 10000 ft (60.5” Hg): 394 mph (634.08 kph)

At 16800 ft (60.5” Hg): 425 mph (683.97 kph)

At 23200 ft (49” Hg): 422 mph (679.14 kph)

At 23200 ft (60.5” Hg): 422 mph (679.14 kph)

At 29800 ft (60.5” Hg): 441 mph (709.72 kph)

At 35000 ft (48” Hg): 421 mph (677.53 kph)

At 38000 ft (40.7” Hg): 403 mph (648.57 kph)

Rate of Climb:

At SL (60.5”): 3600 ft/min (18.28 m/s)

At 5000 ft (60.5”): 3570 ft/min (18.14 m/s)

At 10000 ft (60.5”): 3540 ft/min (17.98 m/s)

At 13000 ft (60.5”): 3520 ft/min (17.88 m/s)

At 17400 ft (52.3”): 2965 ft/min (15.06 m/s)

At 17400 ft (60.5”): 2965 ft/min (15.06 m/s)

At 20000 ft (60.5”): 2915 ft/min (14.81 m/s)

At 26000 ft (60.5”): 2780 ft/min (14.12 m/s)

At 30000 ft (51.6”): 2125 ft/min (10.80 m/s)

At 35000 ft (41.8”): 1280 ft/min (6.50 m/s)

At 40000 ft (32.8”): 450 ft/min (2.29 m/s)

Time to Altitude:

At SL (60.5”): N/A

At 5000 ft (60.5”): 1.4 min

At 10000 ft (60.5”): 2.8 min

At 13000 ft (60.5”): 3.7 min

At 17400 ft (52.3”): 5.05 min

At 17400 ft (60.5”): 5.1 min

At 20000 ft (60.5”): 5.9 min

At 26000 ft (60.5”): 7.7 min

At 30000 ft (51.6”): 9.8 min

At 35000 ft (41.8”): 12.3 min

At 40000 ft (32.8”): 18.6 min


I personally would absolutely love to see your suggested B-5 in-game. It would be so nice to essentially have a B-15/C-10 (which is featured in the US tree already) untouched by future weight-adding modifications to include the rear fuselage tank. Not to mention how great the Malcom Hood would be for Sim!

The additional rear fuselage tank was first included in the P-51B-10 (and was kept in all variants succeeding it) to force the 51 family to evolve and become proper escort fighters. In War Thunder however, all that range isn’t really useful… it would be nice to be without the staggering 400 lbs of dead weight (it’s dead weight in the context of fast-paced War Thunder-style gameplay only, it was absolutely essential in real life for the long-range role it had to play) that was later added starting with the aforementioned B-10. The V-1650-3 Merlin would be nice to see too, since the game doesn’t have a Stang that I know of that uses it as of now - only the -7. I I really do hope the -3’s power output will be modeled on 150 Octane fuel usage like the -7 is in-game though.

Just thought I’d reply to this so that your proposal gets more attention. You have my vote! +1

Happy Flying!


Good idea

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Here are some more additional sources for reference too:


***Lots of performance data summaries and additional linked reports for the B-5 and earlier models from the hyperlink posted above^

Other Misc. Sources:

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Thank you for the additional information references & vote!

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Nice work - but seriously - what do you want with another undertiered Mustang?

We have the C-10 way too low at BR 3.7 and Prem versions in JP, SWE and France.

So despite i would love to see an actual war plane added to wt - the benefit for the game is zero.

Have in mind that the D-30 and H-5 never saw combat (at least based on data i am aware of) and trying to put this plane into the game is rather senseless as gaijin won’t set it as TT in rank III (=task relevant) and the quality of the average US plane player won’t improve just because of a new variant…


You’re right, it just would be nice…

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The pleasure is mine. Let me know if you want to squad sometime.


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Good point, here’s my reasoning.

Why do you ask? Why this variant block of the B model? Would it improve player quality if it gets added? (Maybe, maybe not it all depends on the pilot).

Variety; is the best term I’d use for this. Have you ever noticed that how all the Mustang models go up in blocks by either 5 or 10? That’s because of Variety, all sorts of different variations to choose from; pick your poison so to speak. Take for instance Germany’s Bf109 & the Fw190 production range of their models it goes from mediocre performance to great performance (Or worse LOL). That’s my point on why I want it added to the tech tree, plus better visibility in Simulator battles with the Malcom Hood, & M10 unguided rockets (sure it gravely hinders performance) but rockets are good for ground pounding last i checked (would be nice to see those added to this variant).

Hopefully that’s an understandable reasoning.


Mate - i am fully with you, and your reasoning makes sense.

But imho you come from a rather high level of experience - and the majority of players won’t be able to make use of it.

Seeing it from the variety perspective, i would love to see a lot more variants (in case they had significant production numbers) of iconic WW 2 fighters which saw combat - just to give the respective players the feeling of their differences and improvements.

But imho those gaps won’t be closed by gaijin as they earn money with top tier jets and props are just a tool to get there…

In addition the BR & Rank setting policy is actually preventing a lot of somehow realistic combat scenarios.

In any case - have a good one!


We’ll do a chant 'n dance around a bonfire for the snail gods to see if it at least comes to consideration. LOL

You too Chief, have a good one.



I’m going a little off-topic with what I say here below but I believe it’s still somewhat relevant:

Specific changes and/or additions that we would REALLY love to see are 99.9% likely to never even see consideration - since none of what we’ve suggest will allow Gaijin to milk any additional profit out of the playerbase. Sad, but it’s reality…

A specific but notable example of this that I’ve noticed recently:

The F-20’s flight model is awful and undoubtedly unfinished - they lied about its performance on their own store page and made $75 USD off of every individual that bought one… It’s honestly astonishing to me that they would approve such an unrepresentative model of such a cool aircraft to be that expensive… :(

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I mean the rules of new “top price” jets are always the same: It has for a short time significant advantages to push sales and shortly after they got nerfed, uptiered and/or a “better” plane is offered. Often a combination of all 3.

That they went in this case another path is just another sign of the total absence of basic things like QC (quality controls). Basically everything new has severe flaws - just look at the new “Severe damage” mechanic. Intended or not, currently it boils down to an income herf - and just a few are aware of this…

Despite i fly props only and played very long Il-2 in FR i ended up in Air RB (ofc with JS, SFC and instructor off) - i still follow the fellow jet players and see how they struggle with gaijins’ policies.

To close the circle back to WW 2 stuff:

  • Their policy of setting BRs based on plain average statistics drags a lot of iconic WW 2 aircraft way too low - the game set up itself alters fights due to mouse aim, selective air spawns and other nonsense on top of that.

  • Imho we might see in a few years an option for WW 2 enthusiasts behind a pay wall which might address the still existing gaps in TTs.

  • But currently you have to find niches for yourself within the game to have the right mix of fun and challenge; i mean as soon as you have more than 10 days flight experience you are forced to fly non-meta planes in order to have a challenge (as otherwise kills are way too easy) - this can’t be right…

The problem in general is that the game currently looks exactly how the majority of paying players want it to be: A plain arcade shooter without any requirements to participate. Players looking for realism and accuracy are not relevant for gaijin…

In any case - have a good one and watch your six…

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