P-494 Desperately needs (at least) AP belts

P-494 Freccia is a light boat at 4.7 in the italian TT.
It has 2 fast firing 40mm and 5x 9kg guided missiles. So where is the issue:
-HE only belts
-only 9kg HE warhead on rockets
-only 5 rockets
-fragile as a PT boat at a BR where the smallest calibre you face is the gatling gun on the russian boats and AI gunners have 20mm at the very least.
-no unguided rockets to speak of
-same BR as SKR-7 and SKR-1. with 40mm HE only
-HE only belts
-HE only belts
-no torpedoes or depth charges

This thing is 0.7 higher than frigates with twin fast firing 75 mm and plenty of very very powerful unguided rockets. i get that once upon a time this thing was too good. now its barely worth a br of 3.7. its literally a bigger and more fragile than MC490

AND at least MC490 has AP belts. so its not on par even witha 3.3 boat


I mean Im pretty ok with adding AP belts to freccia but where I am lost is why do you compare it to skr?

There is no reason to compare frigate to a pt boat and no logical conclusion can be based on such comparison.

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same BR. same “TT”. so for gaijin they are comparable somehow. find me any boat at 4.7 in a worse position than freccia


I’m not sure if the Type-107 mounts could feed AP shells to the 40 mm/70 cannon but they’re basically the same cannons used on the CIWS applications so if the mount could feed such shells you could see it getting APFSDS shells but as I mentioned first I’m not sure the Type-107 could even use it.

Still I would rather see the Freccia class Motoconvertibili go down to 4.3 in BR over seeing a new shell added.

But I not sure comparing a MTGB to a Sentry Ship make sense but those soviet ships should be 4.7 imo or higher if un-nerfed firerates came back.

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nice to know, i know that realism is a big part of the game, Freccia melts PT boats. Main issue is that it almost never faces them. with HE is ungodly difficult even to disable main gun of a somewhat armored vessel. meanwhile a single 100mm is enough to one shot this ship.
If it cant recive anything more than HE i find 4.7 very undeserved, i dont see how guided missiles could be such a gamechanger with 9kg of explosive ( barely more than a 76mm HE charge).

i dont know if the missile is broken or inaccurate because in the article on the wiki says “carry a warhead with just over 25 kg of TNT equivalent” then in the table with details says “9.6 kg TNT equivalent”

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The Freccia class used to be 4.3 back when it was first added but that was back when the damage models were super basic & the 40 mm shells had double their shell filler for some daft reason & so shredded even destroyers, So to bandaid the problem the two vessels went up in BR & then the filler was reduced, That’s iirc they’re even 4.7.

But the wiki is player written most of the time so some info on the Nettuno is probably outdated as there was a few changes to the missile warhead over the years.


nerfed to oblivion syndrome, good to know.

same TT means nothing if they use different spawns. USS Cyclone will pretty much always lose to Groza yet this is no argument to lower the cyclone or up BR the groza.

not the point, SKR are just an example of a 4.7 monsters that this thing has to face with HEs, if you want to defend the SKR serie this is not the place.

want to make a good comparison? ok, lets compare apples to apples:
MPK Pr.11451 at 4.7 has 1xfast firing 76mm, 1xAK630M 8xSET-72 high-speed torpedoes +hydrofoil for added speed
P494 at 4.7 ha 2x40mm with HE only and after 70k rp has 5 missile comparable to a 76mm he shell (and no torpedoes despite being a torpedoboat when P493 (event) has them)

feel better now?

you seem overly defensive. I haven’t disputed your idea for freccia BR nor ammunition.

I’m only disputing validity of comparing specific frigates to a pt boat. Any frigate has no problem dealing with pt boats so skr isn’t any special, nor it is valid to compare it to begin with.

9kg of explosive is comparable to 600g shell? No not really.

But sure freccia should see a 4.3 BR. And Im also wishing to see Cassiopea-class to join it soon.

Firstly - P-494 is Saetta, not Freccia. Freccia is P-493

so why are you using it?

I have it in my lineups and use it to cap coastal points and clear away PT boats - gets lots of kills vs ppl brining reserve PT-6 and LS-3, and also bigger and better.

But hat is because I bring it when I know there are boats around to kill - if there’s only ships then it stays in port!

And there is no reason why it should - if you are fighting against DD’s with this then you have screwed up - don’t blame the boat!

Again so what? It is a relatively small vessel and there’s nothing wrong with this

The only thing broken is players trying to fight with a Super-PT boat against much better armed ships and expecting to do well!!

always 2 or 3 different numbers on the wiki, i see now that a paragraph has 750gr of explosive. i dont really have any way to access the game now and verify, i just assume that a wiki is at least coherent with itself

issue isnt really Destroyers, never mentioned that even if somers and moffet are the worst curse you can find. i was referring to SKR class, wich is 0.4 below this ship and i cant even disable a turret before i have several 76 mm coming my way. this should be how you survive with a PT boat so high in BR, disabling enemy guns and running while you launch torpedoes.
Guess what this ship has no torpedoes and cant disable guns fast enough (they repair it in mere seconds anyway)

I took on some Destroyers yesterday, if they are wildy distracted its possible to take them down but guns on the MC490 have a field day against destroyes and frigates just because they have AP belts. MC490 is still competitive at 4.7, i dont find Saetta to be in a good position right now.

This maybe wouldnt be that broken . no explosive charge, low crew damage, high module damage.

In game it states 9kg and that is the only important value. Wiki is edited by the players only.

From my experience facing it, it behaves very much like 9kg explosive, having no problem with one shotting small boats on its BR.

Not really, frigates have too much rapid firepower to disable them, it is much easier to do with destroyers if they dont have a lot AA weaponry.

Sad how it sounds you are not expected to survive with any frigate. It is a job of your team especially destroyers to deal with them before they can reach coastal area.

At the other hand you get nice, long range and close range weaponry very effective against planes and small boats. Ive seen people doing great in this thing when such roles were necessary. I need to grind it eventually to better understand it. For now I guess 4.3 would be a decent BR for it.

yeah you are not supposed to be fighting headon frigates or destroyers but having some self defense or ambush capabilities would be bare minimum. MC490 has some self defense having AP, you can disable for some seconds the main/secondary of the enemy and get away. P494 is bigger, and cant disable weapons so easily to run away. maps are also not the best at times, not enough hiding spots. imagine rivers and lakes being a thing lol.

having a torpedo boat with no topedos is a bit meh

If a trade off is an anti-air and anti-boat missile I dont see an issue.