Overwatch Tank Destroyer: The Hydra Tank Destroyer

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Overwatch Tank Destroyer


The unveiled Overwatch variant of the AJAX armored fighting vehicles.

  • Description :
    • The Overwatch Tank Destroyer is a variant of the AJAX family of armored fighting vehicles developed by General Dynamics, first unveiled in 2021. The Overwatch is equipped with the latest technology, featuring the Brimstone 2 Anti-tank Guided Missile (ATGM) developed by MBDA with options allowing it to equip future generations of the Brimstone such as the Brimstone 3. The Brimstone itself is a well-developed version of the American Hellfire missile that is capable of fire-and-forget capabilities out to 10km allowing the vehicle to target fast moving vehicles, tanks, and even low flying helicopters. Other features are fully integrated thermal optics, IR Jammer/Soft-Kill APS, Laser Warning System and more. The Overwatch vehicle itself uses the ARES variant chassis which is the baseline version of the AJAX family which allows rapid integration of new technologies such as a turreted AFV, a Tank Destroyer, and more. The AJAX family has been rapidly developing however, issues continue to delay production. If issues are corrected, the Overwatch could play a role in the British Army’s Recce Brigade Combat Teams. No Overwatch vehicles are in service today.
  • Armament :
    • 2x Brimstone ATGM Quad-Launchers
      • Missile:
        • Brimstone 2:
          • Warhead: Tandem HEAT
          • Penetration: ~700mm of RHA behind ERA
          • Diameter: 180mm
          • Length: 1.8m
          • Weight: 50kg
          • Range: ~10km
          • Guidance:
            • Millimetric Wave RADAR
            • Semi-active Laser
    • 12.7mm Kongsberg Remote Weapon Station
  • Armor :
    • Disclaimer: Armor information based on what is known at this time.
      • Armor (Made of Composites/Steel/NERA/Spaced Armor)
        • Hull Front: Protects against 30mm rounds.
        • Hull Sides/rear: Protects against 14.5mm API/Small Arms fire.
        • Bottom of Hull: Spall Liner, protects against Artillery Fire/Mines, protected up to STANAG 4569 Level 3.
        • Overall Protection: STANAG 4569 Level 4 All-Around against 14.5mm/small arms.
      • Add-on Armor:
        • Side Skirts Modular Armor: Protects vulnerable upper chassis, additional protection against 20mm rounds/artillery fire/shrapnel. Also can be used to store ammunition externally to prevent internal damage.
        • Frontal Modular Armor: Further increases protection, estimated against 40mm rounds and shaped charges (including frontal hull armor).
        • Can be fitted with slat armor covering the upper and lower glacis, some models of AJAX family have all-around slat armor, whether this is will be standard for the ARV variant is unknown.
      • SAAB Barracuda Modular Camouflage System (MCS)
        • Reduces sun absorption.
      • Fuel Tanks: Located on sides of vehicle for additional protection.
  • Crew (3) :
    • Driver
    • Gunner
    • Commander
  • Engine / Mobility / Size :
    • Engine: MTU V8 199 TE21 Turbocharged Diesel Engine
      • Engine Power: 816hp
    • Transmission: Renk 256B HSWL
      • 6-Speed Fully Automatic (Rated for 46 t)
      • Max Road Speed: 75 km/h
    • Suspension: Torsion Bar
      • 7 rubber-tired road wheels to a hull side with the drive sprocket at front and the track idler at rear.
    • Weight:
      • Standard: ~31-41t
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 7.62m
      • Width: 3.35m
      • Height: ~2.5m
  • Accessories :
    • Elbit System’s Self-Protection Suite including Laser Warning System, Missile Warning Sensors, and IR Jammer.
      • Protects against SACLOS missiles.
      • Similar action as the T-90A jammers.
      • 360 degree coverage.
    • Thermal Imager (3rd-generation):
      • Kongsberg Protector Remote Weapon Station: Commander
      • Thales LSA Thermal Imager: Driver
    • Thermal Imager (see in-game section for more information):
      • Brimstone ATGM Imager
    • Laser Rangefinder
    • 76mm Smoke Launchers x16: Can be set to automatic discharge when detecting incoming missiles.
  • In-game :
    • This vehicle would be a complete nightmare for vehicles that are on flatlands and low-flying helicopters. Being able to navigate itself to its targets and destroy them at extreme ranges. My proposal for this vehicle being implemented into the game is to have the missiles be implemented similarly to the Hydra Rocket Tanks featured in the Warfare 2077 April event in 2021. This way the player has to control the missile to prevent this overpowered vehicle from launching fire-and-forget missiles without even having to see the enemy vehicle.
    • One thing to note however, is this vehicle would be extremely vulnerable at close ranges and would likely need defending or would have to remain hidden. Similar to the Striker TD.
    • Adding this vehicle would be very unique to the British Ground Tree as well as providing one of the first effective in-direct fire vehicles to the game.
    • Battle Rating would be 11.0.
    • Recommend increasing SP of this vehicle at start of match to prevent it from being used to spawn kill.
    • This missile however should be controlled from the imager rather than a 3rd person view of the missile as seen in the event. Most likely using the settings of a 1st or 2nd-generation thermal imager due to the wireless connection between launching vehicle and missile. Example:







Multiple view of the Overwatch and function of the retractable launchers.


Overwatch at DSEI 2021.


ARES variant for which the Overwatch variant is based on with full slat/cage armor.


A Brimstone Anti-Tank Missile.


Overview of the standard AJAX variant. Some features apply to the Overwatch.


I support this as the next top ATGM carrier for the UK. +1

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Superstriker yes please

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Would very much love to see this alongside the regular Ajax and Warrior 2 also suggested on these forums and I would hope they would also give it scouting

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Once more countries get their FnF carriers, this would be a lovely addition +1

Should add with Ajax behind the Light Tank line as it can be a nice vehicle after Striker

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