Overlapping Controls

I have my throttle mapped to Control and Shift with W and S being pitch, but recently my double keys e.g. KEY+KEY controls have been interfering with my throttle. Example: Control + C is mapped on one of my mouse buttons, so I use it to change secondary weapon, but it also decreases my throttle. Is there any way to fix this?

Currently it’s a recognized bug. The modifiers that is causing trouble.

A genuine fix is to redo all the controls manually.

Add makes the key you pressed get added to the control, and remain in whatever control it had prior.

Replace, removes ANY control that had that key bound to it, but leaves anything other than the key you ‘replaced’ behind.

This way you can actually have a set of controls, where one key press makes them all go.

(B for brakes, is left and right brake, both set to b)

Lol, I’ve completely reset all my controls and re-done them manually, it still does this and doesn’t give me an option to replace key, its just the Control section of the Control + V also activates my throttle, there’s no way around this that I can find other than getting a new better mouse with mouse buttons instead of shortcut buttons or giving up Shift and Control throttle keys.