Overhaul for the Sonic Boom effect in 3rd person view

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The Sonic Boom visual effects needs a overhaul for 3rd person; it makes you totaly blind. I’ve lost oportunities to score a kill because I couldn’t exatly see the enemy’s direction.

My idea is: In 3rd person, when looking to the front, the sonic boom will be visible, but transparent so we can see the frontline; if you’re looking behind, at your tail, the sonic boom will stay as how it is currently.

Why? because this visual effect, in real life, doesn’t happen on the airplane’s nose but behind on the wings, so the pilot can cleary see its front when this effect happens.

Or if you guys prefer, you can add a bar to increase or decrease the effect in 3rd person when looking foward.




It’s like night mode, just pointless and no fun. Request for improvement or removal.


I completely agree with the suggested changes.
Either of those would be better than what we have currently.


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I like the effect, yes it could look more realistic but rather have it in the game than not, its a way of communicating visually what the airplane is doing. Id love to see the condensation effect for AOA

I think we should see it only occur in only certain conditions