Overbalanced And overteired

Strv m/41 S-I, Lago I
two swedish tanks currently facing off to
Sherman 105s
Achilles TD
Pz f2 so on and so forth so my question is .WHY!!!

These low powered under gunned ,under armoured tanks are so slow and useless at 2.7 .So they have apcr but that doesn’t kill so one has scouting still no good against heavier faster heavier armed tanks .They are outclassed in all ways isnt it about time certain types had limited MM these should be 2.3 tops ,instead these are facing 3.7 max and are a nightmare to use let alone kill tanks
Can we have a review of tank Brs and MM please

They will not do anything from your post.

They are supposedly looking at the balance of all vehicles all the time.


very possibly but one can ask i guess no harm in that

All, or nearly all vehicles are both under gunned and under armoured against vehicles of 1 BR higher IME.

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