Otomatic isn't fair enough for full mag of apfsds,but everything is fine with 2s38? We need to talk

Then i dont see any reason why 2S38 shouldnt have its APFSDS limted…ohh i know why, because it left testing phase last year, we know jack poop about it so Gaijin just made things up. How do we know what it isnt limited to AP rounds. What if the HEVT isnt HEVT but a timer fuze. WE pretty much know nothing about it

If they make it an AA in game (which it is IRL) I would be fine with it’s APFSDS being limited. Though, the LVKV9040C is the same BR and and it gets unlimited APFSDS, frontal protection vs 30mm, a search radar, and is classified as an AA, and I never see anyone complain about it.

And speaking of search radars, how little is known about the 2S38 publicly also hurts it in some ways, as an example I’m fairly certain these sensors on the base of the turret are small PESA search radars, either as part of a MAWS system or more likely for detecting and slewing the turret to targets. If that ever gets published, they could give it a search radar in game.

Well, for one the LVKV9040C only has 143mm penetration compared to 2S38’s 225mm.

Those extra 82mm could make the difference between penetrating the weakspot (breech, turret ring, side skirt) or not. This makes 2S38 much more capable of engaging MBTs from the front.

Turning the turret around on the LVKV9040C can feel a bit clumsy in the AA role. Meanwhile the 2S38 has almost double the traverse speed (56.4 vs. 32.8) in RB with expert crew.

2S38 also has superior elevation of +75° compared to LVKV9040C’s +50°

The LVKV makes up for it with fire rate. It also gets composite armour on the turret.

Well, fire rate means very little when the first-order ammunition rack only holds 24 rounds. You’ll be out in no time.

IIRC the 2S38 has 20 ready shells, but with a larger calibre of 57mm this difference is not great.

Secondly, the 2S38 doesn’t need an armored turret when it has something better - an entirely unmanned one. That is one of the vehicle’s chief advantages.

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The unmanned is useless when there is ammo in it. Just hit to the right of the beech and one shot

It’s small size is a huge advantage however if you hit the ammo in the turret it dies instantly, even with 20mm rounds you can ammo rack it pretty consistently. I’m not disagreeing with you, I think the 2S38 is extremely strong, it’s just that I also feel that way about the CV90, and I think the main reason the 2S38 gets singled out is because it’s more popular, and the usual Le Russian Bias stuff

1 is wind sensor and 2 are laser warning system, there is no radar on 2S38.

Interesting. I thought these were the laser sensors

The issue is Gajin has not made the OTO the way it operates IRL. The APFSDS rounds should be in a 3 round drum on the side of the gun. The APFSDS rounds do not go through the auto-loader. What they did is make the OTO like the Gepard which either one has nothing alike.

You can see in the right side where the APFSDS rounds sit. The loader must reload them separately once they are used.


HSTV is your example? Haha…oh wait you were serious…BAAAAHAHAHAHA.

I prefer to find my cat’s hairballs on my pillow than drive that disgustingly over tiered, half blind nerf launcher.
Which pixel is the bad guy? Oh it’s the light grey pixel next to the other light grey pixel that turns out is a rock mixed in with all pixels of light grey blowing in hurricane force winds.

And when you do get a shot on the flank? Oh yes you send half the magazine right into the weak spot, no spall, he turns, deletes you and continues on his way.

There’s a reason why no experienced player stops when challenged by an HSTV, ever. I don’t. It can’t hurt you.

2s38 is a great example of where such vehicles belong and how they should be tuned. Funny how that is though huh?

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