Oto-Melara Palmaria 155mm SPH

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Oto-Melara Palmaria 155mm SPH

The Palmaria self-propelled howitzer was developed by Oto Melara specially for export. It evolved from the cancelled international SP70 project. Development of the Palmaria began in 1977. First prototypes were built in late 1970s. Production commenced in 1982 and ceased in early 1990s. Export operators are Libya (160) and Nigeria (25). A further 20 Palmaria turrets were exported to Argentina and fitted on the locally built TAM light tank chassis. It is worth mentioning that Italian Army operates license-built PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzers.


The Palmaria is fitted with a 155mm / L39 howitzer, which is developed from the FH 70 towed howitzer and fitted with automatic loading system. The Palmaria fires all standard NATO 155mm ammunition, including ordinary and rocket-assisted HE-FRAG projectiles, smoke or illumination projectiles. Maximum range of fire is 24.7 km with ordinary HE-FRAG projectile and 30 km with rocket-assisted. A total of 30 rounds are carried. and magazine holds 23 of them. The rest are stored inside the hull.

The Palmaria can fire a burst of three rounds in 20 seconds. Maximum rate of fire is 6 rounds per minute. Sustained rate of fire is one round every three minutes.

Secondary armament consists of a roof-mounted 7.62-mm or 12.7-mm machine gun. Vehicle is also fitted with four smoke grenade dischargers.


Welded steel armor hull and aluminum turret provides protection against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. It is fitted with automatic NBC and fire suppression systems. Vehicle has a crew of five, including commander, gunner, charge handler, magazine operator and driver.

The Palmaria uses a modified of the OF-40 main battle tank, but fitted with a different engine. Vehicle is powered by German MTU MB 837 Ka-500 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 750HP. Vehicle is also fitted with auxiliary power unit, which powers all systems when the main engine is turned off. It is worth mentioning that Palmaria can ford water obstacles up to 4 meters deep after a short preparation.

The main armament is 155mm howitzer, which is mounted on the tower. Its trunk is equipped with a two-chamber muzzle brake and an ejector. Using electric actuators instrument is induced in a vertical plane in the angle range from -5 ° to 70 '. In ammunition includes separately charged shots with high explosive, smoke and illuminating rounds.






Palmaria Description identification pictures picture photo image Italian artillery armoured armored vehicle self-propelled howitzer véhicule blindé d'artillerie italien obusier automoteur


An actual unique Italian SPH. Looks like a blast, sign me up!


If it is also for Italy, yes +1.


I like this SPH and I think this is a good addition to the game, but adding it at the same time as other SPHs for other nations, like the AS-90 (Great Britain). The Type 99 SPH or the K-9 Thunder (Japan). The PZH2000 (Germany). The PLZ-05 (China). The AHS Krab SPH (Poland, an modified version of the K-9 thunder so maybe can go to the Swedish tech tree) The 2S19 Msta-S (Russia). And the M109A6 “Paladin” the newest USA SPH (USA).

I like it, Great Work!


Is this essentially the German SP-70 on a different chassis?

No, this is better, and the sp.70 was a tree nation project, not just german.


I’m pretty sure it’s almost an exact replica of it.

I said that the palmaria is better than the sp.70

Okay, but it was a join project between West Germany, Italy, and France. It’s the same system underneath a new coat of paint essentially, or I guess armor in this case, with multiple variants shown, Germany never fielded it because they had their KMW PzH 155 project as well as the Sp-70/PzH-155-1 project to make their choice they went with their system because of better technology and the “burst” firing mode. Just because Italy chose to produce and field it under the Oto-Malaria systems company, that doesn’t make it a different vehicle underneath the slight upgrades to it. I’d still like it to be added to the game, mostly because Italy is lacking and true artillery pieces. This was just the groundwork for the KMW PzH 155 as a prototype. Honestly, it still technically being a German prototype, but Italy liked it enough to produce it.

well if in your opinion it is german……ask it for the german tree. good luck

I already have. The fact that it’s not even coming in the update focused on artillery is kind of a joke, and just shows how much gaijin really doesn’t like Germany. Also, no, I said it was a Joint Project, not German, but was the prototyping for the KMW PzH 2000* (I used the wrong designation earlier*). I agree that it needs to be in all tree’s that helped develop it. But the German tree should get the PzH 2000 in the German tree

i remember that there is a specific topic to complain about german stuff in the game, because is always popping out in the recent post, please address your comments on the size of love for germany there since in this post they are redundant and OT. good luck. ciao 🤌


Oh, and also, this isn’t just about Germany, it’s about all the nations in the game that don’t have a proper artillery in the game, Germany is just one of the few, Italy is another, I mean, even my main nation, a minor nation, has a Artillery, yet a major nation like Germany, Italy, and USA, if you would consider Italy a major, don’t have one. The one tree that had artillery is USSR, they got artillery way before any other nation, and even USA isn’t getting artillery until just now, as well as Israel, France just recently got one, and Japan has one. (My main nation is Sweden, that’s why I didn’t mention it), but I think this proves my point about that it’s not just Germany that’s getting no love, it’s other nations, and maybe it’s not they are getting no love, but USSR/Russia is getting most of it.

Should follow the M109 as an improved and domestic derp for Italy. +1


Iirc it has 1000 HP engine (at least optional).

A tragedy we got the M109 instead of this IMO. It’s needed ASAP at ~7.0. I don’t think we’d be seeing burst fire or RAP tho since other vehicles with those capabilities don’t have them modelled in-game.


VIDAR received burst-fire capabilities as a “ready rack” of 3 shells (7.5s reload for “ready rack”, matches real life burst-fire capabilities of 3 rounds/15s)

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+1 for italy

And for Germany too (VCA TAM)


suuuuuureeeeeee clearly ““identical””


The two SPGs are just similar, not the same tank.