OTO-Melara M60A1

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1) Specimen of M60A1 of the 132nd Ariete Armored Brigade (Pordenone) in training.

In the early 60’s the Italian Army was looking for a new tank to replace the M47s, which had now reached the limit of use. NATO tanks set up under the FINABEL project they were not yet ready, like all the other modern models including the KPz70, and that in order to dispose of the Leopard one had to wait for the exhaustion of the orders destined for the Army of Federal Germany. The only NATO tank available remained the M60A1, which the United States was willing to sell at a preferential price. Among other things, it mounts the British 105/51 design cannon that arms all the other European tanks examined. The M60A1 was thoroughly tested at the 2nd Ariete Armored Brigade and at the Teulada Armored Unit Training Center. The original program was to include 1000 of these tanks but was severely curtailed in late 1963. A first batch of 100 was purchased directly from Chrysler and delivered between 1965 and 1966 the remainder of 200 was produced under license by OTO Melara with deliveries between 1969 and 1970. The M60A1 had innovative features of the first order, such as the turret in one piece, very spacious, and could be equipped with new devices, and this explains its longevity in fact it will remain in service until the early 90s, taking part in 1993 in the operation “Restore Hope” in Somalia, in the meantime in 1992 the Italian Army purchased one APFSDS ammunition stock from Israel, for the 105mm cannons of the M60A1, Leopard and B1 Centaur. According to the Americans, the production of the M60A1 in Italy has been a considerable technical success for OTO Melara. Among other things, it is the first tank produced in Italy since 1945, for this important reason I believe that the M60A1 must be added to the Italian TT.

Crew: 4 (commander, driver, loader, gunner)
Length: 9.43 m (6.94m without gun)
Width: 3.63 m
Height: 3.63 m
Total weight, battle ready: 52 tons

Propulsion: Continental AVDS-1790-2A V12, AC TT diesel, 750 hp (560 kW), 15.08 hp/t
Transmission: General Motors CD-850-6A, 2 ranges forward, 1 reverse
Maximum speed: 48 km/h
Suspensions: Torsion bars suspensions, shock absorbers
Range: 500 km
Max grade: 60%
Trench Crossing: 2,59 m
Vertical Wall Climb: 0,91 m
Max fording depth: 1,20 m

Main: 105 mm Gun M68
Sec: 1 x cal .50 M85 (12.7 mm)
1 cal .30 (7.62 mm) Browning M73

3-1 Rome, parade of M60A1 tanks at the Imperial Forums on June 2, 1965 on the occasion of the Italian Republic Day
6-2 Mogadishu, Italian paratroopers in action, covered by an M60A1 tank, during the battle at the-Checkpoint Pasta




Are there any differences between the American M60A1 and the Italian license-produced version?

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The version of the M60A1 used by the Italian Army does not have a stabilized cannon, even if it is designed to have it.


I’m confused. This tank is already in the game, isn’t it?

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The present version is a premium vehicle, not everyone is willing to spend money, it would be worth having a version in the TT as well.


Sure +1 and all that but this isn’t an M60A1.

It’s an M47 being fitted with a 105.



Isn’t this in the game as a premium? Though Italy could definitely use this in the regular TT.

I believe the premium one is an specific example from a specific division. Much like Cobra King or M2A4 (1st Arm.Div.).

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it’s a scan made from a book and unfortunately the photo caption says “M60A1” my fault that I didn’t pay attention, I’m replacing the photo.


But it already exists in the game and in the Italian technology tree.

Yes, but it’s a premium vehicle, not everyone is willing to spend money, a regular version in the TT would help.




An M60 Patton (either M60A1 or M60A3) would greatly compliment the OF-40’s


Gaijin has to make money or else the game shuts down, and in my opinion it is a waste of space to repropose a vehicle that is already in the tech tree, when you can put other Italian vehicles in it.

I invite you to find how many and which identical vehicles there are in both the normal version and the premium version, I assure you that there are many, so two identical M60A1s are not an exception.

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If I’m not mistaken Italy was the only country, besides the USA, to actually produce M60s domestically. Produce as in manufacture, not just modify or upgrade.
I think that should justify at least one M60 in the Italian tech tree.