OTO-Melara Leopard 1A2

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OTO Melara - Leopard 1A2 -

At the end of the sixties the General Staff of the Italian Army was to replace the old and slow M47 tanks were taken into consideration some European production tanks like AMX 30, Chieftain Mk1, Leopard 1, Stridvagn 103 and Vickers Mk1. Leopard 1 was chosen because it had excellent mobility, firepower and could shoot NATO ammunition. The first 200 specimens Leopard 1A1 were delivered from Germany to Italy in 1971, these were not enough for the needs of the Italian Army it was therefore taken the decision to produce the Leopard under license Italy, the OTO Melara (which already produced under license the M60A1) was commissioned to produce the new version “Leopard 1A2” which was different from the previous one version, in fact this version has a reinforced turret cast in stronger metal alloys and night vision with image intensification for the commander e the driver. From 1974 to 1983 OTO Melara produced 878 Leopard 1A2 versions including 720 in the MBT version which became the most important vehicle of the Italian Army of that period,laying the foundations for the rebirth of the design and production of tanks in Italy such as the OF40, Centauro and C1 Ariete. Italy was the 2nd user in the world of Leopard after Germany. For all these reasons I believe that the Leopard 1A2 produced by OTO Melara can enter the Tech Three Italian and it is also easy to add because the differences with the German Leopard 1 already in play are minimal.

Crew: 4 (commander, gunner, loader, driver)
Combat Weight: 44.09 tons
Length, Overall: 9.54 m
Length, Hull: 7.09 m
Width, Overall: 3.37 m
Height, Overall: 2.61 m

Engine: MTU MB 838 CAM 500 - 10 cylinder
Power: 830 hp
Speed: 65 km/h
Range: 600 km
Suspension: Torsion-bar
Transmission: ZF 4HP250 model with 4 forward and 2 reverse gears
Trench Crossing: 3 m
Vertical Wall Climb: 1.15 m

105mm (51 caliber) L7A3 rifled gun - Elevation range: - 9 to + 20 degrees
7.62mm Rheinmetall M3 machine gun - Coaxial to main gun
7.62mm Rheinmetall M3 machine gun - Turret cupola

1-Leopard 1A2
2-Leopard 1A2
4-Leopard 1A2
8-Leopard 1A2