Others play as back gunners

I would love it if they add the ability to allow other players to be your back gunner so they could get a kill and be back in the fight or just help out their teammates. The ai would still work if you have other gunners but another player could just take over as one of your gunners. This helps out all low rank plane players stay in the fight longer.

I think having the ability to take control of ground SPAA would be cool too.

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fr, bailing out and landing near it with parachute, then manning it πŸ˜‚

or taking control of pillbox and busting some tanks lmao

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Ruddy boring though. M16 with 1000s of miles of not much happening.

Just like real life lol


Exactly why I want this to be added

Maybe they could add a special crew slot for each nation titled β€˜gunner position’ or something like that.


actually when i was new to the game we once lost a low-tier rb battle because i decided to try jumping out of the aircraft and landing on the battlefield, i can not express how dissapointed i was…