Other key battleships, to add

For America, USS, Oregon (Indiana class) and USS South Carolina
For Britain, HMS Lord Nelson also maybe a tech tree or a premium the Greek armored cruiser Georgios Averof For Germany SMS Brandenburg DKMS Gneisenua with 15in gun upgrade For Japan, IJN Mikasa For Russia Navarin For Italy RN Italia For France MN Danton


It is true that I will find it interesting to add Semi-Dreadnoughts because in the end they are sometimes almost as powerful as dreadnoughts and with thick shielding. They are just slower. I would see them in BRs preceding the arrival of the first Dreadnoughts and other battleships. After all, from BR 3.3 to 6.7, all ships manufactured IRL (and therefore those in the game) were designed and were largely capable of fighting ships of this category. So it wouldn’t be “unbalanced” in my opinion.

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So curious thought but you’ve mentioned the Indiana class Coastal Battleship which begs the question would you stick it in the Correctly labelled coastal TT or would it end up like most ocean going Frigate type vessels in the coastal (which range between large torpedo boats & even destroyers) and be added to the bluewater TT? For by design the Indiana class weren’t meant for ocean going warfare since in heavy seas there was a chance to flood the ship via the low gun stations of the tertiary armament ntm the low freeboard kinda like the Project 2 in game which was reclassified as a guard ship due to it’s pitiful freeboard.

I kinda do hope the South Carolina class does get added someday soon as a US low BR Battleship probably around 6.3 or 6.0.

Hm due to the Project 69 existing in game there’s a chance the Battleship Gneisenau could have it’s planned revised armament (do note DKMS and every version of this prefix is ahistorical), But the SMS Brandenburg would be an interesting ship if added.

Now with the Greek Armoured Cruiser Georgios Aberoff it probably wouldn’t go to the brits since it was built in Italy so it would more likely go there yet that begs the question what refit? WWI, WWII, Cold War?

Now HMS Lord Nelson is definitely an option if we ever see it & as replacement option over the Armoured Cruiser Georgios Aberoff the brits could see a Minotaur class or anything older or another pre-dreadnought like the Majestic class which if they ever wanted to could make it a Coastal ship since these served as Coastal Defence Battleships late in life.

You mentioned the Pre-Dreadnought Mikasa which definitely would be a treat to get (on a similar note to before the prefix IJN is ahistorical, But still a surprise you didn’t lead it with HIJMS which is more appropriate of the time period but also incorrect), The Japanese could also get a captured Imperial Russian Battleship similar to three other captured ships in game or another Armoured Cruiser like the Ikoma which during WWI was reclassified as a Battlecruiser but pre/post it was a Tsukuba class Armoured Cruiser.

When you say the Navarin do you mean the Pre-Dreadnought or the never finished Battlecruiser? either way one of them would be splendid.

Similar to above Italia do you mean the Ironclad Battleship or the later Fast Battleship? as the former maybe hard but the later may soon come.

It’s honestly a surprised that a Danton class wasn’t added in 2.27 for it was one of the few ships I was personally hoping for to be added similar with one of the many hideous Armoured Cruisers the french built as the selection of french capital ships was piss poor imho.

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can you put in the uss alabama (bb 60)


Would love to see Mikasa. Maybe as a special event ship with unique Admiral Tōgō profile picture!

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Britain still has anout 15 or so battleships and battlecruisers that could be within the current time frame of 1920.

The stand outs for me still to come are Agincourt, Queen Elizabeth and Nelson classes. Very excited for all thats still to come for brits.