Other BR adjustment for Italy Bluewater Fleet

Raimondo Montecuccoli class and Duca d’Aosta class( and USSR kerch) must to 5.0/5.3, It’s really unfair for an 8*152 light cruiser to fight with 5.7’s heavy cruisers like Zala or Myoko, even the USS New Orleans can easily defeat these weak Italy light cruisers, The other light cruisers, such as Emile Bertin, HMS Southampton, and Nürnberg has much better firepower, I don’t think Raimondo Montecuccoli class and Duca d’Aosta class could have the same level as them.


don’t agree…I find the Montecuccoli and Aosta excellent (actually, very excellent) cruisers and much better than the Zara for instance. Armor is very very strong… ROF of guns is good (8 rpm), crazy fast… decent number of torpedoes (a bit slow though, but with good range) and good AA.
Abruzzi has 10 guns but slower ROF, but its armour is INSANE , almost 150mm , like a Zara or Des Moines… while angled it can be super tanky.

They’re absolute monsters of cruisers. Nurnberg and Emile Bertin don’t have “much better firepower” AT ALL. Ballistic of italian 152mm are quite formidable.
Their armour is WAY less than those cruiers, Emile Bertin’s RPM goes from 8 to 5.6 quite fast… It has NO armour at all basically. It’s a glass cruiser. AA is non-existent.
French Cruisers are absolute CRAP.

Armour in italian cruisers is much better than all of them as well.

They’re good at 5.7