OT M-60PB in Iraqi service

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In 1975, Sadam Husein visited Yugoslavia in an attempt to establish military cooperation with Yugoslavia, it was successful and Tito visited Iraq the following year where they signed an agreement for military cooperation, and part of that was the purchase of 190 M-60 APCs from Yugoslavia. These APCs were designed and produced around 1956, and were quickly noted as being unreliable and prone to breakdowns. Though there were attempts to fix these in the 60s, it wouldn’t be until 1973 where the M-60P would enter mass production, where a new planetary gearing system was installed to improve steering. the B in the designation refers to a variant which increases firepower by installing two 82mm recoilless rifles to rear left corner of the vehicle, with the rear compartment being modified to accommodate it, and the number of passengers being reduced as a result. These recoilless rifles were stated to being capable of penetrating around 220-400mm of armor depending on the source, muzzle velocity of 388m/s, an effective range of 500 m, a maximum range of 4,500 m, capable of firing ~4-5 rounds per minute, -4 degrees of gun depression, 6 degrees of elevation, and ~360 degrees of traverse
Images above showing the recoilless rifle, and its sight.

The only noteworthy differences between the Iraqi M-60PB vs the Yugoslavian M-60PB would be a 12.7mm Dshk machine gun instead of an M2 Browning, and there is a photo of a Iraqi M-60P with the last road wheel being smaller than the rest, I’m pretty sure its nothing more than a convenient field repair but I still thought it was worth mentioning. I’m unsure if the Iraqi version was amphibious like the Yugoslavian version, however I don’t think they would really need it, and there are plenty of photos of them using the Trim Vane on the front of the vehicle as an additional storage compartment.

Image above showing the roadwheel in question.

Despite the improvements of the P variant, the M-60 was still unpopular even in Yugoslavia due to its unreliability, and the situation was arguably worse for the Iraqis, as they noted it was virtually unusable with the engine constantly suffering from overheating issues in the hot desert sun. As a result, it didn’t remain in service with them for long Allegedly when Yugoslavian officials asked how the M-60 was performing, the Iraqis responded with “If you want us to remain friends, better not to ask us.”

Why it should be added:
I think this vehicle should either be added as a tech tree vehicle if an Iraqi sub-tree, is added, or as a premium vehicle if a Yugoslav Tech/Sub-Tech tree were to be added. Regardless it would be a capable tank destroyer for the 6.7-8.0 BR.


Size (L-W-H) 5 x 2.7 x 1.86 m
Weight, battle-ready 10.7 tonnes
Crew 4 (Driver, commander, machine gunner, and gunner)
Engine FAP six-cylinder 140 hp 2,000 rpm diesel engine
Speed/off-road 40 km/h, 20 km/h
Range/off-road 400 km, 250 km
Primary Armament 1x 12.7 mm Dshk heavy machine gun, 2x M-60 82 mm Recoilless Rifles
Armor (Front-Side-Rear) 15 mm, 13 mm, 10 mm






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though having an Iraq as a subtree of Yugoslavia is a strange choice [not against the idea, just a strange choice], probably making Iraq either as a subtree of a Future Jordanian TT or as part of the Jordanian Subtree of lets say an Future South African TT (There is a lot of Co-operation between Jordan and South Africa especially in weapons development, the South Africans also did some Co-operation with the Iraq including the Saddam regime)

Alternatively Iraqi could be a smaller future TT akin to the Israeli TT though i’ll hold off that suggestion for a little while until we find enough unique vehicles to justify that

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I didn’t mean having Iraq be apart of a Yugoslavian tech tree. I was saying they could either add this vehicle as a tech tree vehicle if they decide to add a Iraqi sub tech tree to whatever nation its merged with. But, if a Yugoslavian TT is added, then I would think they’d add this vehicle (and only this vehicle) as a premium to that tree, since it is technically a Yugoslavian vehicle.


Great stuff! One thing to note is that it also has a hull-mounted 7.92mm M-53 light machine gun operated by the radio operator. As mentioned in the TE article:

Secondary armament consisted of an M-53 machine gun. This was positioned on the lower right side of the superstructure. It was operated by a radio operator. The M-53 was to be used against infantry formations up to 1.5 km distance. If needed, it could be dismounted and placed on top of the M-60 to act as an auxiliary light anti-aircraft gun. In this configuration, aerial targets could be engaged at a distance of up to 1 km. The M-53 was fed by a 50-round drum magazine. Two types of rounds were used for this machine gun, consisting of a standard M-49 type round and a tracer round.

Here’s a picture from the article as well.


+1, I would like to see this as a premium in a Yugoslav tech tree.
Nice suggestion!

Pass. The Russians at Gaijin would just put this in the already choked full Russian tree. The Recoilless Rifles definitely didn’t have the range you mentioned let alone while mounted on that vehicle it didn’t have 360 degrees of horizontal traversal. The penetration you mentioned is also extremely debatable.

The 220-400mm i mentioned are values from 2 different sources, i decided to inlcude both values because i dont know which one is true, however, considering the 106mm recoilless rifle in WT has 433mm of penetration, id say 220mm sounds about right for this vehicles penetraion imo, since its bore is only 82mm.

As for range, assuming your refering to the 4,500m, thats just how far it can shoot, that doesnt mean its any good at that range, which is why max range and max effective range are not the same thing.

As for travers, that one I dont know about, because tank encyclopedia also states that the rifles travers is 360, but they estimate that when mounted on the APC, its less due to positioning. Which is why i put the “~” symbol next to the degree. However i do know it is capable of at least 180 degrees of horozontal travers, as there is photos of it looking far to one side, which still isnt bad at all for a TD

Id appreciate it if you could provide any sources which dispute what i put on this post


Both are true and it’s dependent on the used shells.
While I forgot the names of the shells themselves, there’s basically three important ones for War Thunder.

The initial shell this vehicle came with, which had 220mm pen.
A later Yugoslav shell with 300mm pen.
(This one I may fumble slightly) an even later Serbian or Yugoslav shell shell with 400mm pen.

I’m not 100% on who made the last one, I can check this later and cite sources.
I also have some manuals that I could perhaps share, though I’d have to check whether those are declassified before I do so. You may have some trouble with them, as I believe you may not speak Serbo-Croatian when looking at the sources (correct me if I’m wrong), but they are fun to have anyways and contain interesting pictures :D.

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I only read/speak english, so those docs probably wont do me any good unless i get a autotranslate app or something. That being said as long as they arent classified i dont see why you shouldnt post them here, as im sure there are people here who can read serb-croatian whod like to see it

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