OT M-60P (ZPU-2)

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OT M-60P (ZPU-2)

History and Description

At the start of 1993, during the Croatian War of Independence, one M-60P of the Croatian 4th Guards Brigade in Šepurine, Dalmatia was fitted with a ZPU-2 anti-aircraft gun. Its impressive firepower earned the APC its nickname “Pakleni” (“Hellish”). Two more M-60Ps were soon armed in a similar manner; a ZPU-2 was mounted on one, and a single-barreled ZPU-1 on the other. These heavily armed APCs were given identification numbers 115, 116, and 117. Upon completion, they were sent to positions in the surrounding area of Zadar. The APCs were used in cooperation with tanks and M-80A IFVs in Operation Winter '94, where they performed well in urban combat, significantly increasing the unit’s firepower. The M-60P (ZPU-2) proved to be so successful that after the Brigade’s return to the Dračevac barracks in Split, such weapons were installed on three more M-60P APCs, including one extended M-60SAN medical variant. On this and another M-60P, the ZPU-2s were protected with armored turrets in the Brodosplit shipyard. The turrets were modeled after those on BOV-3 SPAAG and made of 6 mm thick steel plates. They were connected to the chassis of ZPU-2s, once the wheels were disassembled. One of the vehicles was lost during Operation Storm, when, while entering Knin, it veered off the road and overturned. The remaining armed APCs were used in further combat operations, primarily against ground targets. M-60P (ZPU-2) were stripped of their weapons and scrapped shortly after the war ended.


  • Essentials
    • Length; 5.02 m
    • Width; 2.70 m
    • Height; 2.39 m
    • Mass; more than 11 t
    • Driver NVD
    • Crew; 4
  • Protection
    • Armor; 25 mm front, 10 mm sides and rear, 6 mm turret
    • APS; N/A
    • ERA; N/A
    • Smoke; N/A
  • Mobility
    • Engine; 140 hp
    • Power/weight; less than 12.73 hp/t,
    • Transmission; 1 reverse gear, 5 forward gears
    • Top speed; 43kph
    • Amphibious; No
  • Firepower
    • Main; 2x KPV 14.5 mm heavy machine gun
      • Fire rate: 600 shots/min
      • Penetration at 10 m: 49 mm
      • Muzzle velocity: 1000 m/s
      • Belt capacity: 150 rounds
      • Stabilizer; No
      • Vertical guidance; -7° / +90°


Armored vehicles of the Croatian 4th Guards Brigade in September 1995 before Operation Maestral. Behind a T-55A (covered in rubber armor) is M-60SAN medical variant with ZPU-2 in an armored turret

M-60P (ZPU-2) during Operation Maestral

M-60SAN medical variant armed with ZPU-2, after Operation Storm in Dračevec barracks

towed ZPU-2 without wheels in firing position for reference

M-60SAN medical variant with extended rear





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BOOK: Od Tina do Strijele: izrada oklopnih vozila u Hrvatskoj 1991.-1995.

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