OT M-60P UB-32

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The OT M-60 is an APC designed by Yugoslavia in the 1950s, and was used by them clear until the 1990s. Despite its simple appearance, the M-60 was noted as being rather difficult to build due to Yugoslavia’s overall weak industry at the time, regardless, about 180 were built by the time the Yugoslavians found an overall distaste for the vehicle due to its weak armor (15mm on the upper front plate, 9mm thick driver/machine gunner hatches, 13mm flat side armor with 10mm angled plate above it, and 10mm armor on the rear), as well as poor mechanical reliability. they were wanting a replacement for the vehicle clear back in the 60s but simply lacked the ability to produce a good replacement in sufficient numbers, so the Yugoslavians reluctantly opted to modernize the M-60, which resulted in the M-60P, however this upgrade unfortunately only improves the steering system, as any other modification to its mechanics or armor would increase its weight, and possibly taking away its amphibious capabilities, and put more strain on its engine and suspension if not improved also. all 180 M-60s were upgraded to the P standard, and 610 more were produced shortly after.

By the time the Yugoslav Wars broke out, the factions which had their own M-60s really had no desire to put them on the front lines due to their weak armor, so many nations sought to find other uses for them away from the front, such as being modified for use as an armored ambulance, or in the case of this post: being given a UB-32 rocket pod to be used as an improvised MLRS artillery system. the UB-32 is a Soviet rocket pod with a bore diameter of 57mm designed to be fitted onto aircraft, but is quite commonly seen retrofitted to various ground vehicles as well (go figure). As the name suggests, it is capable of holding 32 unguided air to surface rockets, and as a result has a very high rate of fire, it weighs 103 kg, and 264 kg when fully loaded. Its capable of firing a wide range of ammo types, though most are different variants of HE-Frag, and HEAT, with the HEAT rounds capable of penetrating 130-250mm of RHA depending on the variant. With it being mounted on the M-60, I am unsure what its exact travers and elevation/depression values are, however judging by photos of it, as well as its intended use, it does at least have very good elevation. Though the surviving example of this vehicle only has the UB-32, it is also possible to mount a M2 Browning on the front right corner of the roof.


UB-32 rocket pod and two of the S-5 rocket variants

M-60 with 12.7mm HMG on the roof.

Additional ammo could be held in the troop compartment of the APC, however id imagine a max number of 32 additional rounds should be allowed (64 total), as that would allow for one full reload. However to balance this I would give it a very long reload after it fires all the rockets in its pod if it is added with additional ammo in the hull. The long reload would be a good way to punish players who get too greedy with the rate of fire, however the vehicle would probably still do fine if just given 32 rounds total.

Why it should be added:
If a Yugoslav tech/sub-tech tree is ever added, this would be a good vehicle to add to the upper tier tank destroyer lineup, with it likely being placed in a similar spot as the Raketenautomat or U-SH 405, give or take, being a lightly armored tank destroyer with, though sacrificing overall penetration for basically semi-auto rate of fire when compared to the Raketenautomat/U-SH 405


Size (L-W-H) 5 x 2.7 x 1.86 m
Weight, battle-ready ~11 tonnes
Crew 4 (Driver, commander, radio operator, and gunner)
Engine FAP six-cylinder 140 hp 2,000 rpm diesel engine
Speed/off-road 40 km/h, 20 km/h
Range/off-road 400 km, 250 km
Primary Armament 1x UB-32 rocket launcher
Secondary Armament 1x 12.7mm PAM Heavy Machine Gun (maybe), 1x 7.92mm Zastava M-53 hull mounted machine gun
Armor up to 15 mm

Photo Gallery:





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+1 for Yugoslav tree!

I would personally add Yugoslavia to the game because their vehicles are literally meme machines


I love it.

This looks like a great addition! Just so you know, the M-60P also has a hull-mounted 7.92mm M-53 machine gun, so that in addition to the M2HB would enhance its secondary firepower. +1 for a Yugoslavia tree!

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