Optional Night Battles for Ground Realistic Battles

Amazing, you are the first person to have verifiable proof that NB’s are actually working, grats!

This just proves even more why a dedicated NB only queue is needed, at this rate it would take literally years to get the top reward @ 150,000 points. I look forward to a dedicated queue.



I dont thrust this screenshot as nearly nobody else got night battles, this mist be snail propaganda


So they destroyed regular map rotation and MM for add a option in reality neither dont work. Because according for the people here night battles are very rare.

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Off topic, again. Please stop spamming this thread with comments that have nothing to do with Night Battles. You have already posted on multiple other threads about your complaint, you have no need to continue to spam up this thread too. This not the first time that you have tried to derail and take over this thread.

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Who would’ve thought … people hate night battles and don’t wanna take part …

I will one spawn until I get night map.

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i finally today got my first night battle after this update.
it really should not be one battle every two weeks…

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Wish we had night battles for aircrafts too and not just ground RB.

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Don’t worry, that lock icon still does my head in as well

Locked… in my mind means not available / unobtainable / not available… ***

Completely different to “not achieved yet”…

Still getting confused by it

Hopefully they’ll add a Night battle option to AirRB as well.

*** (Obligatory Skyrim reference: unless you got Lock Picking 100 or skeleton key)

Hey everyone, the chance of getting a night battle if you have the option enabled was increased today.


Nice! :D

By how much?
what is the percentage now?

Finally got a NB, however it appears to be about 1 out of 10 matches now. Still far, far too low imo. Also, the flares RUIN it. They made NB’s BR 10.0+, but kept in the flares? No, this is absolutely terrible and honestly makes me not want to even play them now. Remove the Flares from night battles, everyone disliked them even before this was Opt-In, now it is especially ruinous to the experience.

Appreciate the slight increase in “chance” but I/we do not simply want a chance. We want to do NB’s by CHOICE, not by lottery.

Thank you, cheers.



With maybe an average score of 1500 you’d need 100 matches of night battles to complete the achievements, but that 10% of chance getting into one really slows it down. Should be at least 50% imo.



God, I love the searchlight aesthetic…


Finally got one, 20 battles later. The chance needs to be increased, without a doubt…



I still have only gotten one night battle, I’m playing at 10.3 RB ground, with it enabled for night matches an I’m trying to get the rewards, I’m a sim jet player an trying to broaden my horizon to a different game mode an grind as well, is there anything else I can do to improve my chances of getting in night battles. Also note I’m on PS5 if it makes a difference.

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Nothing else to do that we know of. I still have only gotten that 1 NB from earlier today. I’ve tried different queues, tried turning on the “join already active battles” nothing seems to make a difference. All reasons why I am still strongly advocating for a dedicated NB only queue. I also have very different lineups which I would use in Day vs Night, so at the moment I am using a lineup that is not optimized for either, but makes compromises for both. Especially CAS aircraft/helicopters. Some high BR CAS doesn’t have NVD/TVD while some lower BR CAS does. The current system imo is the worst of all worlds. (And again to mention the flares which I detest in NB’s.)


WELL! Maybe they just upped it some more xD I have now had ~4 NB’s, a few in close proximity to each other. Got the first reward/title! So that’s nice. Will leave another update after doing ~10 more to see if the odds really did change or something. Up to 5,524 points, only 144,476 to go!

GL guys!


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Nope, it evened out back down to 1/10 or fewer. I’d say fewer. Have not had another NB since this post now. Was just a “lucky” batch of them earlier. /Sad