Opinion on adding F/A-18 Hornets and all of it's variant

I’ve seen some CC talking about the addition of Hornets into the game, I’m just curious whether Gaijin would eventually add it in the next update or straight up ignore this beauty piece of engineering

They will be added, just no one knows until the leaks drop.

Gaijin wouldn’t resist not adding a plane that is so iconic and shared between many nations in game.

USA, Sweden (Finland) and Britain (Australia) all have claims to the Hornet and I am sure there are other nations that could make a claim.

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With various F-16’s, two F-14’s and a F-15, there’s zero reason why the F/A-18 should not also arrive in WT, in at least two variants.

I also guess it’s just a question of when.


Cannadian CF-18 for Britain
F/A-18 can be with many TT from US to Sweden since Finland use it


It’s thought that it will come in the next update.

Definitely for the US.

The CF-18 has a high chance for the UK.

It’s debatable if the Finnish one would come right away if it is the case for the next update as Sweden is getting the Gripen C next update so they might hold off on this one.

Some think Germany might get one but this is the most iffy out of all of them.


Well, odd one here is that the CF-18 could be going to germany. Mostly because the C2A1 is in the German tree at the moment.

Tho it is unlikely as the C2A1 seems to be in the german tree because Canada isn’t present as a sub-tree and Germany was involved in making the tank.

Canadian ADATS being in the British tree. So yeah rather unlikely.

I assume he’d meant a potential Swiss F/A-18C, as the Swiss Hunter Mk.58 also ended up in the German tree, hinting at a possible future addition f more Swiss stuff there…

But then I don’t think our Hornets are unique/special enough to warrant a spot in the German tree…


Did you miss where I said for the UK?

The Swiss F-18 or the German trialled one is the one that is thought to be possible.

It’s not me who thinks that. it’s just a common idea to show up in Rumor Round-Up & Discussion

Yeah the thought of Hornets being added to Germany and Britain in the form of Swiss and Canadian ones come from the problem of having no good fox planes until the EFT which we think gajin isn’t going to add for a while


Ah i didn’t know about that one.

Idk what air to air missiles the Swizz use so could plausibly be some differences there.

There is literally zero reason for any kind of F-18 to be in the German tree, what are you people on about.
You are actually worse than the British players asking for a CF-18 or Australian F-18, which is already a step too far, as they shouldn’t be there either.

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Before we had AIM-9P and AIM-120B (I think), now they fly with AIM-9X and AIM-120C.

What’s a bit special here is a custom LDP (low drag pylon) for the outer wing stations for one AIM-9 or AIM-120 per pylon.apart from that and some avionics upgrades (incl. cockpit which was brought o early F/A-18E instrumentation), I think they’re pretty standard.

Not like the Hunter Mk.58 which were unique with their RWR, Mavericks and additional unguided rockets. Or the Mirage IIIS, a variant based on the E but with US radar and avionics, Sidewinders and AIM-26B Falcon SARH AAM’s, and later countermeasures and RWR, and of course canards…

We are the same united in the fact that our beloved EFT is too far away
And you know commomwealth


Ah, so no Iris-T situation (not like thats close to being added)

Well i suppose thats rather unlikely then.

It’s that guy who believes the US should get everything.

he tried telling me the US should get a Canadian vehicle just because the Swiss turret it uses had an American camera.


That be like going the Us should get the Challenger 2E as it has a M2 50cal


Honestly Britain doesn’t need CF-18 as it can get Typhoon and has Gripen already.
And Germany has F-4F ICE.

I would just like to see it ingame because its interesting and the EFT isnt coming till atleast 3rd upd this year


Indeed. During the debates for the UK’s next plane, it was learned that the Eroufight is summer at the earliest but 3-last update of the year is likely.

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Yea. If the FA/18C came to britain as gap filler, similar to the SAAF Gripen, it would be nice till the EFT

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