Open 100 Dragon Box

Why would you ever waste 6,000,000 SL like this? Ik it’s for a video but it’s a predatory mechanic that rarely yields you anything at all.

You know its a predatory mechanic for sure when even the community helper agrees


I don’t waste 6 million SL, because the SL sitting in my balance are the waste - they are doing nothing.

I spend 6 million SL to get backups and small boosters - and I consider it a much better use of those SL than doing nothing with them at all.

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From the ice cream to this one I’ve flushed a total of 40 million something and the best thing I got was backups, then the rest are wagers and boosters, a few decals here and there, and NOT A SINGLE VEHICLE DROP!!!

My friend who just started war thunder opened one of these and got a premium vehicle lol. it was for france (his favorite country) and he got something he liked so he was quite happy

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Me agreeing really does not mean that much. I’m not an employee. Community helpers generally are not employees and I do not shy away from criticizing the game.

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Your friend is so obscenely lucky. The chances of that are insanely low.

They need to add a mercy system if they are going to commit to this predatory gambling garbage, especially for the SL crates which never give anything.

I tried to open a few crates but they were mostly just backups and orders so I told Gaijin NO! I’d rather buy expert crews for more tanks