Op missle balance why

Right now only russia, germany and china have ir missles with a launch range of 30km, why isnt gaijin adding the iris-t or aim9x as a counterpart.

You do know how much more powerful Aim9x and Iris-T are right? R27ETs are not game-breaking, if they had the flare rejection of the Aim9M , sure , id say they are op. Currently as they are implemented, they are easy to flare, even by accident.


it not needed AIM9M vs R73 is fine go a back to your cave
R27ET is fine in the game and not comparable to IRIS-T or AIM9X


IRIS-T and AIM-9X are literally too OP for game right now. Best thing they could add is AIM-120, but then again, Soviets would get R-77 as a counterpart

Wich is always ofcourse better

What is it comparable to then, it aint comparable to aim9m ethier

its just a longer range but worse turning R73 it is not majorly better then other missiles AIM9x will be too good

Unfortunately those are a step above. That being said, Aim-9M has quite a nerfed lock range currently, that is probably the best we’ll get in that regard for the time being.

Though i am hoping that weapon systems like R-27ET are being used to lay down the ground work for western long range IR missiles like ASRAAM, MICA, IRIS-T and Aim-9X

R-74 and R-73M are not in War Thunder at this time, thus IRIS-T and AIM-9X have no equivalents currently in War Thunder.
AIM-9M is enough as it has superior IRCCM and still is a high-G missile.

Also yes AMRAAMs are better than R-77s, but not by much.


R-77 is better than first AMRAAM variants tho

it will be close enough we will see which ones they add

They also might add a range of ARH. Going to be tricky to balance them all.

Might see aircraft like the AV-8B+, FA2, F3, ICE, etc at a lower BR with Aim120Bs and then higher performance aircraft like the F-15 with Aim-120Cs at a higher BR.

The question is less though Aim-120 vs R-77. Its Aim-120/R77 vs MICA, PL-12 and Derby

Variant*, singular. AIM-120A was barely used as well, and AIM-120B, R-77’s equivalent, was the most used.

I think you mean the literal worst maneuvering IR missile at top tier?

R-77 is better than every single AMRAAM before the AIM-120C-5, which is its equivalent going off of maximum speed, maximum range, seeker range, pretty much everything I can find (and the R-77 has better maneuverability).

Lol what? AIM-120B, which only reaches 70km with lofting is somehow the same as the R-77 which reaches 80km minimum without lofting and 100-104km with manual lofting lol? Or the AIM-120B having at minimum 5G less maneuverability? Or twice as large of a minimum range distance in rear-aspect, or 6.67x larger front-aspect minimum range? The AIM-120B is quite literally worse in every way lol.

We know the seeker range is very likely inferior to the AMRAAM’s and the R-77 is estimated at 40G whereas the AIM-120 is ~50G. I would argue the AIM-120 has superior maneuverability.

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Meant to say equal on the seeker range, must’ve been thinking about the R-77-1.

I’m assuming Gaijin won’t add combined-plane control because it would buff US stuff.

Almost as if there’s more to missile performance than just max g-pull.

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R-77 has identical range to AIM-120B.
Higher speed = less maneuverability.

74km lofted AIM-120B =/= 80km non-manually-lofted R-77

74km lofting AIM-120B =/= 100-104 km manually lofted R-77

Maximum speed of AIM-120B = Mach 4 = Maximum speed of R-77

R-77’s grid fins = even more maneuverability