Only "Gaijin Store" packs showing up on wishlist

i wanted to buy something for my friend with my golden eagles in wishlist, but only gaijin store ones showing up, if its made it on purpose, what is the reason for it

If I’m not wrong you can only buy something from Wishlist if they’re on sale in Gaijin store, does not include GE, GC, Events or Tech tree vehicles.

yeah, only gaijin store ones showing up, isn’t it a dumb thing, i want to buy my brother tam 2ip, its on sale aswell, he dont have any high tier vehicles, i wanted to surpise him but gaijin slapped me

If you want to buy something I’d suggest Turm III, man that thing is a menace. Would be better than TAM 2IP, you’d get uptiered most of the times.

i have both of them, but my brother cant even survive 1 mins on turm 3 :), he wants something different, like scout drones etc. but nevermind bro its impossible him to play any of these thanks to gaijin’s marketin techniques