Only 11 rounds of APCBC in Sherman Firefly

Hi, I only have a maximum of 11 rounds of Mk.8 APCBC available for my British Sherman Firefly? Is this correct?

All the other rounds - Mk.6 AP; Mk.1 HE; Mk.4 APC, I can take up to something like 35 rounds each - up to a maximum of 80 rounds for a full load!


Do you have automatic ammo purchase turned on?


No, but there is no opportunity to buy more. I have 11/11 showing on the card. All other rounds are showing x/80 on their cards.

Aren’t your tank full of other ammonution?

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Hi. No, I’m only taking about 30 rounds into games with me.

Screenshot or it didn’t happen :)


#imaflyingturkey had it right. I needed to purchase more APCBC shells!

Thanks to everyone for their ideas.



I was late to the party so could not say this…but it is a COMMON issue that you will face in the future. Tanks that you use a lot will run out of your preferred ammunition, and the warning icon will usually appear later than it should…

I personally dont use more than 2 ammo types on each tank (some only one) and i try to keep track and buy ammo in advance…i went into battle with 10 or less rounds of ammo a few times before i learned this.

May i ask, will the “cannot purchace more” bug ever be fixed?
And also, will there be an increase of how many shells can we buy?
The current 3x is not always enough in for example Assault mode, or on tanks, like the SU-5-1 and the italian 90mm TD thing.

What bug…? I can fill the purchase amount…and it lasts a lot of battles…
With “autofill” on it never runs out…

There is a bug, where you use up all your purchaced rounds (like in Assault mode), and when you return to the hangar, it will not buy them automatically.
When you attempt to buy them manually, you get an error message “You cannot purchace more”.
You have to restart the game to fix it, which is bad, because every time, the launcher will completly verify all the game files, which takes a lot of time (despite the game being installed on an NVME SSD).

As you can see, it is present since at least 2018, and still not fixed!

Ok…i wasn’t aware as i dont play assault. Dumb question…did you PERSONALLY ever reported this bug?
(If not…i would suggest you do)

I did on the old forum, and it was deleted for unknown reasons.

You can also run out of ammo with something like an SU-5-1. It can only buy 24 rounds, so in a longer match you can spend all rounds.

I didn’t mean a report IN FORUM…but a report on the bug reporting system. Bugs reported in forum are not “official” reports…

Oh right. I have reported it too.