On the issue of the disappearance of research and development

In the research and development of aircraft, if we are still 10,000 short of A, we can develop it. I have already conducted a competition and have reached 10,000, but because the competition is not over yet, the research and development has not turned into what I actually got. R&D, at this time, we will open another one before the last one is over. Assuming that I still got 10,000+ R&D in this one, then the R&D I got in the last one will disappear. This matter is reflected in my account. I use F4S to open the line. It is known that I can successfully develop ad2 before 2w6. I have already played two games. It can be seen from the results that I have obtained the research and development of 3w2. However, due to the game It’s not over yet, so I haven’t really gained it yet. I immediately started another game. In this game, I won 30,000 R&D. After the game, I successfully developed ad2, but I only had 3,000 R&D left at my disposal. I want to know where the other 2w of R&D that I was supposed to get went.

Am i too tired or does this look like it was generated through chat gpt?