On the issue of developers discriminating against Chinese technology trees

Why does the top-level vehicle of the Chinese technology tree always come with various problems and provide relevant information that developers have not adopted? VT4A1 is now the best manifestation of discrimination against the Chinese technology tree by the development team, and its overall completion cannot be used normally in the game.


lol - laughable - as if there aren’t numerous major errors across pretty much every tree… except Russian of course…

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I will copy-paste what I already answer on same topic.

No one make any intentional errors with machines (or any other part of the game).
War Thunder is huge project, we have thousands of vehicles in game and errors can happen. Connecting errors with race, nation of origin or religion is just insulting and our forum (nor any other place) is not a place for such comments.

If you want to discuss specific vehicle, please use Machinery of War Section here: Machinery of War Discussion - War Thunder — official forum

If you found any bug with vehicle, please jump on our dedicated bug reporting website and submit valid bug report, this will help us fix the problem.

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Please do not post multiple SAME bug reports - this will slow down the whole process. Instead, create one, valid bug report with as much data as you can (and please remember, we do not accept confidential data :).