On the balance of the F104g

As we all know,flares and missles are the key components of the air combat guide-missle age.There are three countries have F104G in WT,German,China and Italy,they are all different on modification and suspended armaments,but in same BR ,I think we should balance the three.
First, based on the WT wiki,the German airforce sold their F104G to the ROCAF in 1983,so we could copy the flares to the China F104G,give the China players a chance to escape from the aim 9L or R60m,as the more flexibility missles had equipped with the lower BR.
Second, as all of the F104G in same BR,we should give the 4*aim 9j to the Italy F104G to make it convergence with the other two.I don’t think it’s a positive solution to weaken the other two to make them the same when it can be made better.