On some of my russian tanks i can't hear the coaxial machine gun firing

I can’t hear coaxial machine gun firing on my T-62, T-72, BMP-1/2/2M/3, T-55/54, Strv-103. I don’t know why this is but it’s a little bit annoying. If someone knows the answer please help.


Hello, do you use a sound mod?

Take that big furry hat off !

I have but disabling it didn’t work.

Delete the cache folder at the root of the game War Thunder and performs a file check (the wrench at the top right of the launcher).

I have the same thing I can’t hear when someone hits me and I die, after the update so it happened

Deleting files like that scares me greatly lmao.

I hope I don’t break something…

I still don’t hear some MG sounds either. Even my Tornado IDS has no gun noise.

And while I do use a sound mod, it only effects crew voice lines and shouldn’t modify gun noises, let alone machine guns.

Some guns are fine, but Russian coaxial machine guns don’t have any noise.

How big is your cache file ? 1 or 2 Go ?

It’s 33.1MB

It’s got 11 things in it.

I don’t really know what I’m doing lol

Ok, don’t worry !
You can delete this file.
We recommend deleting it every time you update.

I did. It did nothing.

Ok, you’ll need to file a bug report here:


There’s no point when everyone else having the issue has been told it’s a support issue and not a bug.

Even if I was to make a report, it would just get closed like the rest I’ve made in the past. As much as I want to have faith in you guys, I really can’t trust that I’ll be acknowledged or listened to. Especially when I had to wait nearly a year or two for the ram leak of 2021 to get fixed just because it was a rare bug. I was told it was my own computer several times until one day, Gaijin released a fix for it, which suddenly made it not my computer.

TLDR, I would love to make a report, but it’ll just get ignored or closed like everyone else’s report because it’s “Not a Bug” or “A support issue”.

why the TLDR ?

Some people don’t like blocks of text.