Omiš-class Patrol Boat, Omiš (OOB-31)

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Omiš-class Coastal Patrol Vessel, Omiš (OOB-31)

Coastal vessel, modern Croatian patrol boat with a strong autocannon

In 2013, the Croatian Ministry of Defence released specifications for a new class of ships to replace the Yugoslav-era Mirna-class ships, receiving offers from various companies. The Croatian Brodosplit shipyard was chosen in 2014 and given an HRK385 million (around 57 million USD) budget to construct 5 vessels, due to all enter service in 2017. Due to issues with the finances and construction, only the initial prototype ship was laid down in 2015 and completed in 2017, and commissioned the next year after testing. The subsequent 4 ships were laid down only in 2020, and are currently still under construction. A second ship was meant to be delivered in 2021, but due to Brodosplit’s near bankruptcy it has been delayed to hopefully 2023. The ship is constructed out of steel with an aluminium superstructure, and features NBC protection, and is designed to operate in strong weather conditions in accordance with the NATO STANAG 4154 standard. It is armed with a RWS containing a 30mm cannon, which is fully stabilized and can automatically track targets. Additionally 2 machine gun mounts are fitted on the sides of the superstructure and 4 MANPADs are carried in boxes, with the shipyard also providing the option to have a remote controlled missile system and other gun configurations. A derivative of the design was also presented at the 2021 Egypt Defence Expo, featuring 4 anti ship missiles and CIWS systems.

The prototype ship was named Omiš, after the small coastal town in Dalmatia, and is operated by the Croatian Coast Guard and based in Split. It has a 16 person crew and patrols the waters of Croatia, and participated in the 2019 and 2023 ADRION LIVEX exercises with other Adriatic navies.


1x1 30mm Bushmaster II Mk44 in SMASH RWS, stabilized and has automatic tracking
2x1 12.7mm M2
4x Strela-3M MANPADS (carried in boxes and hand fired)

220t standard

Length: 43.16m

Beam: 8m

Draft: 2.87m

Propulsion: 2 Caterpillar 3516C diesel engines, 6860 hp, driving 2 shafts

Speed: 28 knots (51.9 km/h)

Range: 1000 nmi (at 15 knots)

Crew: 16

2 Electro-optical cameras, has thermal imaging and laser rangefinder, 1 in RWS and 1 on top of bridge
2 Navigation radars
Search radar?

Auxiliary Vehicles:
1 7.7m RHIB, 1x1 12.7mm M2, 40 knots (74.1km/h), 6 crew



model from ASDA 2021

Brodosplit’s “Navy Patrol Vessel 43” brochure