Oman Centauro, the more the better

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The B1 centauro needs no presentation, is one of, if not the most, recognizable wheeled vehicle all around the world, due to its look, performances and features that have become landmarks for every platform after it. As always, with fame comes a lot of responsibilities and the version I want to present you today has a lot of the latter. This B1 Centauro MGS is a special version built for the Royal Guard of Oman and equipped with the Hiftact turret from OTO Melara with the 120/45 gun that we all know in game. The Royal Guard of Oman decided to buy 6 MGS in 2008 and loved them so much that added 3 more in the following years. The B1 Centauro MGS is a tank destroyer on wheels, armoured with Ballistic Steel and additional composite armour to increase its protection to the Standard NATO STANAG 6, NBC protection and automatic fire extinguisher; has a coaxial 7,62mm machinegun and a commander controlled 12,7mm machinegun. The engine is the IVECO MTCA V6 with 520hp, that gives a P/W ratio of 20,8 (25t combat weight), paired with the ZF Hydropneumatic automatic transmission that gives power to the 8 wheels through the H-shaped suspension system (6 of which steerable). The engine is installed in the forward section of the hull, near the Driver in a separate compartment, while the turret is on the back with the other 3 crew members. The turret is fitted with the Thermal Sight both for the commander and the gunner with Hunter-Killer capabilities, with smoke grenade launchers on each side of the turret linked to the LWR system to be automatically deployed.


-120/L45 OTO-MELARA smoothbore gun, on the HITFACT turret, able to fire all the standard NATO ammunitions.

-2x4 smoke launchers, one on each side of the turret

-coaxial 7,62mm machinegun

-commander controlled 12,7mm antiair machinegun

-LWR system

-Thermal Sight for commander and gunner with Hunter-killer capabilities


-protection level NATO standard STANAG 6

-520hp IVECO MTCA V6 turbo-diesel engine allowing a top speed of 110 km/h

-operational range of 800km

-7,85m long hull, 2,94m wide and 2,73m high

-25tons weight

-4 crew members: commander, driver, gunner, loader

-60% Gradient and 30% Side Slope


I think the Oman Centauro MGS would make a great squadron/event vehicle to further bolster the italian tech tree with a very easy addition and welcomed addition. An event/squadron 120 Centauro would bring more and more people to play the italian TT by giving one of the best vehicle to be offered and the best charachteristic vehicle for the italians.




I’d really like to see this as a squadron vehicle, it would be perfect for the role. The vehicle itself in-game would be excellent as well no doubt.

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This would be a fine addition to the game, but it coming as a squadron vehicle would not be good as it would mean many of the people who get it will not have a lineup to run and would be running a vehicle into top teir. It would not get premium bonuses so would also have to be spaded, so a relatively low level player who gets this as their first or second squadron vehicle would have to suffer through the stock grind with a single vehicle in the lineup. In general top teir squadron vehicles are not good for most players, and only really serve as lineup filler for people who do have that part of the tree researched. It would be better introduced as a Tech tree vehicle to bolster Italy’s top teir lienup.

+1. Perfect Premium GE or Pack

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+1 i want ceanturo with oman camo yessss

As the Centauro RGO was implemented as part of update 2.35 Alpha Strike,

Moved to Implemented Suggestions. o7