Olifant MK1B "Optimum" suggestion

But Shhh don’t tell Gaijin or we have less chance of getting the TTD 120

Yes, different turrets. The Optimum’s turret was designed following the TTD, and was closely inspired from it, but they were different. I highly doubt the TTD would have been able to mount the same composite without some modifications. I don’t believe it was ever even planned to do so (although the TE article for it does briefly say “Additional reactive armor packages were to be added to the turret and hull to counter anti-tank missiles” – but what that refers to, I don’t know. If I remember correctly, the Optimum’s base turret is lighter and has more advanced composites, as well as the additional armour.

@NaasBotha24 I don’t know if the prototype had the 1020hp engine but this says the rest were at least planned to have it.

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I wish the Optimum entered service in stead of the now mk2 , 'cause that centurion turret is so small and uncomfortable for the crew and the only armour on the mk1b and mk2 is from small amounts of composite in only the turret front but the Optimum had a new turret with new gun upgradeability, more protection, better optics, higher ammo count with blowout panels, higher p/w ratio and top speed.

Edit: But the TTD should’ve been accepted and got the Optimum’s composite on the turret front and sides similar to the Leo 2A5 etc.

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that is not a 120, its a 105

Yes unfortunately. I’m not the first person to be confused by it.