OLED? Burn-ins?

Just out of curiosity - how many people are using OLED displays?
Asking in a context of burn-ins provoked by WT UI.

Are you using OLED display?
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I have the Philips Evnia 34M2C8600, I bought it 2 months ago and I am very happy.
I have the brightness at 25%, my room is semi-dark with very low light and HDR Off (I don’t like it)
The monitor has protections to prevent burning, such as “snow” or that moves the pixels from time to time, imperceptible to the human eye. Plus it has a fan inside.

Honestly, it is the best purchase I have made, it cost me €800, when these monitors are €1500.

Well, my display (dell aw3423dw) also have features to prevent burn-in, but it didn’t help because I used HDR and there are two static elements in UI for some reason displayed in brightest white (1000 nit).
It’s not exactly a burn-in but rather these two areas under icons are darker now because OLED intensity was much higher there than elsewhere.

Yeah, just noticed I also have a menu burn in. Same monitor.