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Okhotnik-class Gunboat, Konstruktor

Coastal vessel, former destroyer that had a flesh wound, now a gunboat with more or less Yenot’s firepower.

An Okhotnik-class Torpedo Cruiser laid down in Helsingfors (Helsinki) by the Sandvik Shipyard in 1905 and commissioned in 1906. It was originally named Sibirskiy Strelok (Siberian Shooter), and like every other torpedo cruiser was reclassified as a destroyer in 1907, and overhauled in 1911. By the First World War it was already outdated, and participated in the Battle of the Gulf of Riga and some minor actions. The Soviets inherited the ship and chose to keep it commissioned, transferring it to the Lake Ladoga Flotilla and renaming it Konstruktor. It was used as an experimental vessel and tested various systems and weapons during the Interwar years, also participating in the Winter War. In 1941 it was reclassified as a guard ship, and took part in the defence of Leningrad, escorting convoys across the Lake and bombarding German forces. In November it was attacked by Finnish bombers and hit by a 250kg bomb, destroying the bow and sinking the ship. However, the ship was raised and a much shorter replacement bow (15m shorter) fitted to the ship, re-entering service in 1943 and reclassified as a gunboat, resuming its operations against the German forces. Post-war, the ship was disarmed and was again used an an experimental vessel, and in 1956 was converted to a floating heater, designated OT-29. It was scrapped the next year.

Specifications: (1943)

3x1 100mm/56 B-24BM mount
2x1 45mm/46 21-K
2x1 37mm/68 70-K
1x1 20mm/65 C/38 or 20mm/70 Oerlikon
1x2 12.7mm DShK
2x1 12.7mm DShK

650 tons standard
820 tons full

Length: 60.5m (this is shorter than Groza btw)

Beam: 8.18m

Draft: 3.25m

Propulsion: 2 VTE steam engines with 4 boilers, 8399hp, driving 2 shafts

Speed: 16 knots (29.6 km/h)

Range: 1000nmi (at 11 knots)

Crew: 105


Images :

Sibirskiy Strelok


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