Ok… so how do I…

Check my stats and WT career from the forum?

HOWEVER…for some reason your name doesn’t show up.
(Mine does…so not sure why)

Just saw that you “joined” 17 hours ago…not sure if you are a new player or using a different account in game. And it is also possible that it takes some time (24h?) for stats to appear.

You can also check your achievements here: https://achievements.gaijin.net/

Thanks for the reply. My actual PS5 gamer tag is LiteralStone. I might have made a mistake some time ago when registering for the forums. I’ve opened a ticket so hopefully support can help me get this resolved so I can use my actual PS5 tag on the forums.

To answer your question I’ve been playing for a little while now. Just recently hit level 100. I mainly play GB arcade.

Thanks again and good hunting.

Thanks. Mobile version is currently unavailable so I guess I’ll use the pc and see what’s what.

Good hunting.


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Thank you @GhostSoph@psn Linked up!

Where is the br maps list so I know which map I might get by playing a specific br. Asking because I’d like to get the Korean War medal from playing my USA GF line up.

Also would it be possible to have the list pinned somewhere on the forum if it isn’t already there?


There is no public list…list is dynamic and changes without notice…some maps are removed, inserted and changed mode on occasion…

Thanks for the reply. Would you happen to know by chance which br increases my chances of getting the Korea map?

Well, that is just it…looking here:

I see that 38th parallel (i assume this was what you wanted) is played in Realistic only now…no clue why. As i dont play it these days i dont know. When the map was available in arcade it would show up around BR6 or so…and be active up to BR8 at least…but this may have changed…

If you want…you can check the replays on the list above and see what is being used…

BTW…you do know you can have ONE favorite map also?..it has limited impact, but it may help…

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Yes the 38th parallel map. Thanks again and yes aware of the ability to like/dislike maps.

As GhostSoph said, the maps change a lot.

In the Hanger, act like you’re gonna change your game type (for xbox, its Y, so on Playstation, it must be triangle.) Press triangle again to bring up preferred maps, which is where you will see the current BRs for all maps that are accessible.

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Much appreciated!

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I’ve played 38th parallel in arcade @ BR 5.3 recently a few times. Wonder what’s going on.

OK…my bad. Apparently the BR range of all maps was added on a recent update.

BTW…you can see that 38th parallel (and other maps) are NOT available in arcade (at the time of writing)…so you can also do this to check what maps are ON and on what modes…

There is no “big reason”…maps change modes and BRs on occasion…it was always like this…i usually notice it when someone complains here in forum…

At least now we can check in game what is on and off :)

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