OH-58D: Headwatch

A new versatile attack helicopter that is coming to the “Sons of Attila” update will come to the game with two nations at once!

OH-58D, Attack Helicopter, USA and China, rank VI


  • Good maneuverability!
  • AIM-92 ATAS air to air missiles.
  • Guided weapons to use against ground targets.
  • Light payload weight.
  • Flares.

OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopters were developed by Bell to help support AH-64A Apache attack helicopters as a command post, reconnaissance, targeting and communications helicopter. The first flight of the OH-58D took place in October 1983, and two years later, deliveries of the OH-58D started. The OH-58D was soon to be equipped with guided weapons to help engage ground and air targets, including guided missiles and machine gun turrets. Since the early 1990s, most OH-58Ds were given to US Army cavalry units as a reconnaissance and attack helicopter.

We’ve got good news for helicopter pilots! In the upcoming “Sons of Attila” major update, the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior attack helicopter will be added to the US and Chinese helicopter research tree, at rank VI. Let’s take a look at the details of this interesting helicopter!

The OH-58D is a lightweight and versatile helicopter that is capable of engaging air and ground targets. This is thanks to the advanced avionics and guided weapons, with excellent thermal optics to complement these weapons. The speed of the OH-58D is, well, rather average, despite its light-weight — however, it’s certainly easy to maneuver around whilst flying and engaging enemy targets!

Download Wallpaper:

Due to the OH-58D’s original intended role as being a light-weight reconnaissance attack helicopter, it cannot carry a vast amount of weaponry, than, let’s say, the Apache. Despite this, at rank VI, you’ll still have an excellent choice of a variety of weapons to fit different combat situations that you might find yourself in. The OH-58D can carry up to 4 Stingers which are useful to destroy other helicopters, as well as 12.7 mm machine guns. In addition to this — only the US version — will be able to carry 7.62 machine guns, and a LR30 30 mm cannon, however this cannon will produce a large amount of “kick” while firing! Against ground targets, you’ll be able to use traditional Hydra rockets as well as APKWS II small guided missiles, but best of all, you’ll be able to carry up to 4 powerful Hellfire II ATGMs. The OH-58D also features flares and RWS, and a special jamming station, for defense against IR guided missiles, which will help you survive longer.

The advanced, agile and very capable OH-58D will be available in the helicopter research trees of the US and China in the upcoming “Sons of Attila” major update and will be sure to pack a punch. Until then, check out the other dev blogs that we will be releasing. See you!

You can greatly speed up the research of the OH-58D with the following premium packs:

AH-64A Apache Pack
AH-64A Apache Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • AH-64A Apache (USA, Rank VI)
  • 2000 Golden Eagles
  • Premium account for 15 days
Z-19E Pack
Z-19E Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • Z-19E (China, Rank VI)
  • 2000 Golden Eagles
  • Premium account for 15 days

Love this, however cant wrap my head around lack of 114Ks on AH-1Z, with even little bird and kiowa having them. Also 9M for AH-1Z when

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so this is 10.3 (devserver), but the z9 is stuck with 3km and 220m/s missiles at 10.0? and the glynx/lynx with 8 hellfire and thermal is 10.0, same for the a129cbt with a gunpod and mistrals for self defense is also 10.0? Did i mention the z9wa lacks it’s adk10 and flir (the ball in the front that should give it laser guidance and autotrack you know).

Are we going to ever see the addition of APAM warheads for the AGR-20?

They have been superseded at this point by the AGM-176.

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Why China?

Taiwan uses it



Could create a tree combining South Korea, Taiwan, etc. A collection of smaller Asian nations that dont fit neatly into any other tree nor are they large enough for their own

That could be possible, but at this points so much Taiwanese stuff is in the Chinese tree that removing it would cause an uproar

Taiwan is literally China even though it is a separate state. Obviously they belong in the same techtree even if they aren’t exactly friends

I just hope they dont give the soviets F-16s because Ukraine now flys them.