Off-topic/General chat for Britain

I can change that, but it will take a very long time.

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Australian Mirages.

Get the French mad with a nation that fits better in UK than most.

Whats the br they should have?

The Ram II in the game is 3.7.

The late version should be higher. 4.0 is what Thatz used.

Ah, Thatz is the local Canadian ground vehicles expert.

I’m not sure what models the UK used.

All the Ram’s from Thatz tree,
Screenshot 2024-01-29 102208
Screenshot 2024-01-29 102213
Screenshot 2024-01-29 102223
Screenshot 2024-01-29 101740
Screenshot 2024-01-29 101810

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There is no place in the Medium tank branch, so I will put them to the SPG




A rear-mounted tower rooicat?

I figured it out, it’s not SA, it’s a Brazilian vehicle

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Completely forgot this suggestion existed.

At the time of making that suggestion I didn’t know there were “sub” models, but the Ram’s that were on record on loan to Britain were all Ram Mk. II “D”'s however many tanks/variants may have been used for testing. My suggestion also doesn’t include any “Struck Off Strength to the British” as Canada didn’t want to pay to bring most of the tanks back over the ocean so we left them in UK. I only included ones that were specifically given to UK for combat use, I could be missing some tanks as records can be difficult to find.


Btw thats centurion with the 20mm coax is called Centurion P1 which refers to prototype 1

Will correct it

I found that I can make the text bigger without much loss of quality.

I will correct all and make text bigger

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Why stop with just the French?

Add the Aermacchi MB-339CB and the A-4K Skyhawk to the mix, and make the Italians and Americans mad too!

I’m just going to make an announcement here and state that my discord account has been disabled because someone took a joke seriously. How people don’t have a sense of humour these days is beyond me.


Usually 5 cups throughout the week, maybe 1-2 at the weekend

I feel your pain. I’m probably due another ban-hammer at some point because at a mod had a sense of humour transplant at some point.

Suspect it is a general inability to understand British Humour (or similar-style humour where context and subtlety come into play).

That’s the problem with Gaijin - they’re not British. Never understood how anyone could operate as a rational individual without having a steady supply of tea, regular sessions of queuing and grousing about the weather. It’s a sad plight and you hate to see it…

Who is who?

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How could you forget the German with ALL the books? Sniff Sniff