Observe and fire with your tank commander

Hello everyone.

The recent MBTs and IFVs in play have a special feature not found in tanks from the Second World War: they almost all have a scope for the commander of the vehicle, dedicated to observation and (in many cases) firing.
Here, we’ll look at how to determine whether a commander can fire in the absence of the gunner and how to use the commander’s optics.

Suivez le guide:

 !! Detail !! that tutorial are a traduction with Deepl of my work in french section. Images are in french, copy/past form the original topic.

The functionality presented here is commonly referred to as “Hunter-Killer”. In real life, this function is a link between the target search carried out by the commander, who will designate a target to the gunner and have the turret slow down on its observation, then move on to the search for the next target while the gunner deals with the designated target.
In the game, the “Hunter-Killer” function refers to the commander’s ability to replace the gunner in the event of his being put out of action.

!!! WARNING!!! (temporary) Currently, there is no delay between the gunner being disabled and the commander taking control. This feature will be modified in the next few months with the addition of a delay (1 to 2 seconds) between the gunner being disabled and the commander taking control of the weapon.

-1°) Find out if an tank chief is equipped with dedicated optics
To begin with, not all vehicles have an optic for the chief. To find out if a vehicle has this feature, it’s easy: activate the “X-Ray” view in the hangar and look for an optic for the commander.

Click Here: Presence of optical tank chief

-2°) Knowing whether a commander can fire
The question is whether a commander can fire with the main armament. Once again, activate the X-ray view in the hangar and move your mouse over the commander. If it says “Can fire main armament”, then the commander will be able to control the turret and fire while waiting for the gunner to be replaced, or fire via his dedicated optics and the controls we’ll see later.

Click Here: Knowing if the commander can firing

-3°) Necessary commands

-A) Activate “commander’s view”
The first of these buttons is located in the “Camera Control” section and is used to see through the commander’s viewfinder. Positioned lower than the binoculars, this view offers the advantage of night vision equipment (LI or IR) that the binoculars lack.

Click Here: Command view button position

!!! WARNING !!! as with the gunner’s view, if you have placed decorations (weapons, hats, bushes…) these will be visible and may block the commander’s view. The same applies to tank equipment (For exemple machine guns on T-80s). So be careful where you place your bushes on the turret.

-B) Activate “commander’s fire control”
This second button, located in the “Armament” section, enables the commander to activate fire controls using his chief optics.

Click Here: Button and firing activation by chief optics

Yeah it’s the same as the normal chef view but there’s an extra green line on the top left ^^

-C) Alternative activation of the “commander view”
Some players have their keyboards already well used, while others play with joysticks and therefore don’t necessarily have the option of assigning keys to activate fire control and commander view.

Fortunately, this can be activated via other functions:

For the commander’s view: put the ‘commander’s view’ in a scrolling list (gunner or binocular). This option can be found in ‘Options => tank battle settings’ (see spoiler image).

The order will then be:

  • Current view (3rd person or binoculars) - Gunner - Commander - 3rd person (for the gunner list), cycled with the “Sniper mode” key (default “Shift”)


  • Current view (3rd person or gunner) - Commander - Binoculars - 3rd person (for the Binoculars list), cycled using the “Binoculars” key (default “B”).

To activate fire control for the commander without using a new key, simply use the weapon selection keys IN the commander’s view:

Click Here: Weapon selection buttons

The commander will then have access to the firing functions with the selected weapons.

-4°) How do you use all this junk?
It couldn’t be simpler: to bring the turret towards your observation point, as in binocular view, simply left-click (fire) to align the gun with the target point, then switch to gunner view to fire.

If the firing controls are activated, the turret will follow the movement of the point targeted by the commander’s optics and you will be able to fire directly. Note that because the optic is mounted on the turret, it will move faster than the turret rotates (the speed of rotation of the optic is added to that of the turret).

To fire the gun in good conditions, as in gunner’s view, don’t hesitate to use your laser rangefinder so that the fire control automatically corrects the elevation and parallax (the distance between the sight and the barrel).

Click Here: Chief optics shooting

Shooting WITHOUT parallax correction (elevation set at estimation):

Telemeter in the usual way:

Shooting WITH parallax correction and elevation set by telemetry:

As the commander’s view is often positioned above that of the gunner, there will often be an additional height correction to correct, but some vehicles (Leclerc, T-80…) have their commander’s optics on the other side of the turret, so be careful when taking quick aim.

-5°) Hunter-Killer operating details

If the tank has the Hunter-Killer function (basically, if the commander can fire the main weapon), when the gunner is out of combat, the commander will take control of the turret after a delay of 2.5s while waiting for the gunner to be replaced by another crew member.

Click Here: The commander takes control of the turret

!!! WARNING !!! For this function to be active, the commander must be able to use the main armament, even if he does not have a dedicated optic.

!! Detail !! It is not necessary for the commander to activate fire control for him to take control of the turret when the gunner is put out of action.

That’s the end of this guide and you’re now ready to assign tank destruction to your tank commander. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or make any comments ;)