Observation: GAB Tank sights locking onto aircraft unintentionally

Has anyone else here seen the following, and finds this problematic:
Ground Arcade Battle (not familiar enough with GRB/GSB to speak to this) but here’s the situation. You’re in a tank using open (commander’s) view, an enemy ground vehicle pops up, you aim your sight at it then switch to sniper (gunner’s)view and PRESTO! the sight automatically switches to an AIRCRAFT that just happens to be within the field of view. CRAP, now it’s taking me TIME to pan over to the ground targe…BANG! you’re dead, the other guy fired first because your gunner saw a squirrel in the air and aimed at it instead of the target you, the commander, aimed at. Hopefully your idiot gunner died instead of any other crewmember, Darwin approved of that natural selection process.
Seriously, does this happen to anyone else? Have I used a sighting something-or-other in controls that I’m not aware of? When I want to shoot at target (A), I want my sights to lock onto (A) and nothing else. Simple, yes?